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Waffle Corn Dogs & Soft Serves In J-Shaped Cones? Find Them At This SDA Newbie

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Wafl is a popular Russian franchise that has opened its first outlet in India at our beloved hangout hood – SDA. We realise that there are too many waffle places in the city already, but do any of them do waffle pies, waffle corn dogs and soft serves in colourful J-shaped corn cones?

Waffle Wonderland

We have a soft corner for waffles {both savoury and sweet} and if you’re anything like us, you’ll love this new Russian waffle chain that has over 50 outlets across the world.

While Wafl’s not a proper sit-down outlet, it is great for when you wish to grab a quick bite or for sweet treats after a meal at any of your usual SDA restaurants.

This waffle place has got an elaborate menu with a healthy mix of sweet and savoury, and vegetarian and non-veg options. We landed up at Wafl for their famous J-tube soft serve, but were slightly disappointed as the machine wasn’t working at the time. However, the comforting Kebab Waffle Corn Dog was just what our soft-serve deprived self needed. Waffle-like on the outside, meaty warm on the inside and so fuss-free to eat, we’d totally stroll around SDA with one of these corn dogs again. The Chicken Classic Waffle Pie is a close second with a very homely pizza taste you wouldn’t expect from a QSR {Quick Service Restaurant}.

So, We're Saying...

It’s a bummer that we couldn’t try the J-tube, but from what we’ve heard from our friends, the J-shaped soft serve is a star.  And guess what? This eatery’s open till 1 am, so go make that late-night ice cream and waffle date happen soon.