Add A Touch Of Spring To Your Zara OOTD With These Amazing Accessories

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Spring has officially sprung and while I'm sadly putting away my puffer jackets and sweater vests (the trendiest winter pieces in 2020 for sure), I'm looking forward to incorporating the newest spring trends into my wardrobe, as usual predicted by Zara. This spring, expect lots of lightweight stuff and pastel tones, and no florals for a change (Miranda Priestly would be proud.) So check out all the spring accessories that'll be trending this 2021 and how to style them, and obviously, get 'em all online.

Beaded, Colourful Jewellery

Aniya Gold Plated Multicolour Beaded Necklace


Beaded necklaces and bracelets (even tiny cute rings) have been all over my Instagram, partly due to all those Gen Z kids making their own accessories and posting it to Reels. But for those of us who have no DIY skills or patience, this gold plated necklace is like a millennial's take on the trend which is especially cool if you don't wanna look like you made your necklace at summer camp. 

Scarves Worn As Anything Else

Multicoloured Printed Scarf Necklace


Remember the beginning of quarantine when people began wearing their silk scarves as tops? Not all of us Komal Panday-ed that trend so we're glad Zara's bringing back scarves in a way that's much easier for the rest of us to style. This scarf-necklace hybrid is an easy way to style a plain look into something more spring-y. 

Bridgerton-esque Pearls

Triple Layered Pearl Necklace


Tell me you watched Bridgerton without telling me you watched Bridgerton; if you somehow missed Netflix' biggest release yet, Daphne and clan basically made all of us want to dress in corsets and pearls and who are we to say no to the Duchess? This triple layered one is perfect to be worn with off-shoulder tops or dresses, just like the ladies in Bridgerton wore 'em, and I can't wait to put it on and promenade in the gardens for a husband... err, fresh air. 

Huge AF Rings

Solid Classic Statement Dome Ring


I'm a big believer in the statement "more-is-more" and then some; I literally wear 10 rings at a time and I love it. Last year, I built up quite a collection of signet rings but this year, statement rings are taking over, basically, the bigger the better. I've seen a fair bit of glass and ceramic rings in this style but I don't trust myself to not break them in under 6 minutes of wearing so I'm opting for the safer, gold option here that packs the same spring punch.

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Long, Looong Necklaces

Tribal Horse Shoe Beaded Necklace


Chokers and layered necklaces pretty much dominated the jewellery game last year but Spring/Summer 2021 runways saw much longer necklaces in place of the regular ones I'd gotten used to. These pair great with risqué necklines or even worn with plain white tees and a shacket on top. 

House Slippers Worn Outside

Women Blue Bow & Print Detail Fabric Slides


I might scream RN because I can't believe this is a spring trend. Pretty much not just Zara has added cosy, comfy slippers to their collection, high fashion brands like Balenciaga and Bottega Veneta styled them for spring in a way that has my lazy heart thanking them (and begging to keep this as a trend forever.) 

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Barbie Bubblegum Pink

Minimalistic Resin Half Hoops


Okay, this isn't technically an accessory but a colour but I've literally seen this everywhere and it's a super flattering colour on so many skin tones. According to WhoWhatWear, my Bible for trends, it's supposed to be the it colour this spring so incorporate it into your otherwise not-so-spring outfit and style it with these earrings.

Cottagecore Crochet

Ombre Effect Crochet Ball Detail Drop Earrings


Whether you discovered the term "cottagecore" through TikTok or Harry Styles' iconic Watermelon Sugar High video, NYFW showed me that Harry Styles is never wrong and crochet is here to stay. What I love about crochet is that it looks so simple yet there's something just so fresh and floral about it, making it perfect to style your Spring look from Zara. 

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