Switch Those Super Sugary Chocolate Bars With Healthier Ones At Dessert Bazaar!

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What Makes It Awesome

How many times do we finish an entire bar of chocolate with high-calorie content all by ourselves? And the guilt that follows later just eats us up (the truest food cycle.) This organically produced food brand, Yummsy, is here at LBB's Dessert Bazaar to help us with our sweet tooth fix. Make your quarantine a little better with these delectable snack bars. Their healthy bars are gluten-free with no processed sugar and come in plenty of delightful flavours. They have Fruity Granola Bar, Choco-Nutty Amaranthus Bar, Berries Granola Bar, Seeds Granola Bar and so many more. 

All their products use natural ingredients like gluten-free oats, raw honey, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, organic rock salt, and the likes. You can also buy Granola Museli in different flavours which come in beautiful and eco-friendly glass jars. 

 They also do some super interesting sugar-free ladoos made with oats, coconut and dates, granola and muesli jars that are perfect for breakfast and stone-ground peanut butter with literally one ingredient (peanuts, duh.)  

Price: INR 315 onwards