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Zen & The Art Of Yoga: Take Your Routine To The Next Level With These Eco-Friendly Products

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Juru Shakti Cork Yoga Mat

It calms you down, helps you focus on your breathing, tones your body, enables mental and physical strength, improves flexibility – there are so many reasons we love yoga. And we love our morning stretches, late night meditation, practicing asanas, and now we’re ready to take our passion for yoga to the next level. We’ve turned to the experts at JURU Yoga, who’ve designed a range of products and accessories that’ll  help you make healthier, happier choices. And with their belief in the holistic balance that yoga brings to your life – you can trust them blindly for all your needs!

Lay It On Me

A yoga mat is not only essential for the routine, but a symbol of motivation to practice and integrate yoga more in your life. JURU yoga mats are eco-friendly, sustainable, bio-degradable, comfortable and unique! We’re crushing on these mats because they’re perfect in every way – lightweight, portableic material, anti-slip, non-toxic and have a self-cleaning surface that’s anti-microbial too. Made from premium European cork from Portugal and natural rubber from Kerala, there are five different mats  – Shakti, Mandala, Dhyana, Harita and Bhoomi – that suit the needs of different kinds of yoga practioners to enhance alignment and explore the asana. Good quality products and accessories are essential for a healthy life and a fulfilled yoga practice, and these mats will motivate you to move towards a holistic and fulfilling lifestyle.

Rest, Rejuvenate & Relax

Need some R&R during your yoga routine, JURU has a range of pillows for you so you can get the most out of your session. We recommend getting the JURU eye pillows, that are great for Savasana and deep relaxation. Made of cotton and filled with flax seeds, the pillows provide a gentle pressure to cool and relax your eyes. They’re super easy to maintain, as the pillows come with a removable cover that can be washed and pressed for multiple usage. They even have knee pillows that reduce or eliminate knee discomfort, so get the cushioning and support you need for your joints. Check out the headstand pillow as well, ideal to help with stability and to give you perfect traction.

Cover Up?

While you start your session on a mat, make sure you use blankets to protect your knees in postures like camel pose, cat-cow pose, among others. Made from 100% hand-woven cotton, these provide comfort, warmth, grip and stability for long durations. You can even fold it during meditation and pranayama or use the blanket for shoulder support in shoulder stand or for deep relaxation in savasana.

Bolster Loving

JURU bolsters come in rectangular and cylindrical shapes, and we believe they’re essential for those who practice yoga regularly.  They help in deep relaxation and provide the necessary support for restorative poses. With easy-to-wash covers and stitched on handles on the side for convenience, get them to take your session to the next level.

Tempted to shop for more accessories? We don’t blame you! JURU products are restoring yoga to it’s roots, with organic and eco-friendly essentials that can withstand years of practice and add comfort, strength and support to your routine.
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