Get Your Adrenaline Rush In Your Next Goa Trip By Bungee Jumping Over Mayem Lake

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What Makes It Awesome

Adrenaline junkies, listen up! Jumpin Heights has just launched their second bungee location in India and after Rishikesh, it is none other than North Goa! Enough reason, to lose all our cool and take that plunge? We think so. Jumpin Heights, after having made a name for themselves for the 80m jump at Rishikesh, now together with the Goa government and the Goa Tourism Board have launched at Mayem lake, in Bicholim. The lake itself is set in a sleepy Goan village, and the slopes around it covered with thick forests and wild cashews, make for a beautiful setting for the bungee.

For the uninitiated, the bungee experience itself is a risky but exhilarating sport that involves jumping from a height with rubber chords tied to your ankles, after which you will swing like a pendulum in mid-air, a few times before you are carefully lowered to the ground. The process is very carefully regulated, with several harnesses and checks, to ensure an absolutely safe experience. 

Jumping Heights usually follows Australia and New Zealand Safety Standards, something that’s constant for the Goa leg too. And remember, however, prepared you are, that moment when you’re just about to jump off into the lake below, is one of the most thrilling moments you will ever encounter. The wind gushes past as you make your way down through nothingness, and you can literally hear your heart thumping.

The jump in Goa is from a height of 55m and will cost you INR 4,110 (with GST) and for INR 4,850 they will also give you the complete video recording of your epic jump. Don't know how to get there? They offer to pick up and drop facilities from Anjuna, Baga and Calangute and run from 9:30 am to 5 pm. So go ahead, take the plunge?


It's highly advised that you shouldn't go for the jump after a full meal, or if you have a back, neck or heart conditions, or any recent fractures and dislocation. Or if you are expecting mothers.