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History, Insta-Worthy, Jogger-Friendly And Sunsets: Why Ulsoor Lake Is Bae

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What Makes It Awesome

One of Bangalore’s biggest lakes, the Ulsoor Lake is still a spot in the city for a breath of fresh air and some good-old lakeside vibes. The history of Ulsoor Lake dates back to the time of Kempegowdas with the present lake created by Sir Lewin Bentham Bowring, the then Commissioner of Bangalore. The lakeside was a centre of activity for both the army and civilian back then and even today it continues to be. The Madras Engineering Group (MEG) or the Madras Sappers as they are known, have been around the lake for close the late 1800s and continue to dominate the neighbourhood that surrounds the lake.

In fact, if you are coming from the Kensington Road side, you will be welcomed by replicas of WWII tanks on your left. A little further and you will arrive at the Ulsoor Lake park with its open gym that’s a spot amongst the old-schoolers of the neighbourhood for their morning exercise. The military’s involvement in the area also extends to their own rowing and boating facilities, so don’t go expecting a boating session in the lake. There are a few small joints within the park selling everything from ice lollies to chips. Nostalgia for the win, right there.

The entire neighbourhood around Ulsoor Lake and the lake itself is a perfect spot to get your shutterbug mode on. Right from one of the oldest cultural centres, The Bengali Association, to the war memorial bang next to it, there’s plenty to shoot. Come evenings, this a perfect spot to capture the setting sun. The Ulsoor Lake Pathway is for morning and evenings jogs as well. They also have a free outdoor gym where you can do everything from cross training and leg presses to twisters and bicep bars. Go on, get fit. No excuses for expensive gyms now! People do go here for bird watching too, but while we can’t comment on that, we hear that it’s a spot for catching sight of feathered folks such as the Common Heron, Brahminy Kite, Cranes, and Mynas! If you're a nature lover, this is a great spot to spend quality time. 


In the evenings, along the Annaswamy Road, roadside carts pop up serving anything from masala puris to Bombay sandwiches. Munch on those or you could head to nearby places such as the Skywalk for a pint of beer or some greasy burger.