EDM Nights To Jazz Gigs: This Beach Shack In Morjim Is Where The Party's At

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What Makes It Awesome

Loud Station in Morjim has got Goa’s party and music lovers talking. With gigs every second day, people are now calling it one of the hottest shacks for parties. Did we mention they’re also open all night? It was a mildly popular shack before the Loud Station folks took over and transformed it from a scenic place to watch the sunset and eat kebabs to a total party pad. The alcohol here is affordable, the vibe is killer and the crowd’s usually up for dancing and conversation. With all this, the spot should totes be on your radar if you’re looking for a good time.

In the day, they’re a typical shack (dodgy washrooms, dusty tables and all) with sunbeds laid out. Come night, their consoles swing into action — they get the hottest DJs, host some amazing drum and bass parties and get everyone grooving. So, it's a good idea to spend the day on the beach and gather up the gang for (and affordable) sundowner at Loud Station. 

If you need fuel to keep you going, their menu isn’t the most innovative but has respectable variety. Think a mish mash of European, Indian and Russian. A few beers (and shots?) later, you might even want to progress to a hookah, because they’ve got it handy. So, plonk yourself on their beanbags or grab a breezy spot on their terrace on your next trip to Morjim.

What Could Be Better

The food isn’t the real hero here and we’re afraid the washrooms aren’t the cleanest.


They’ve got parking sorted. You can follow them on social media to keep track of what music (they have different stations) they’re playing and decide on your visit accordingly.