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10 Hill Stations Near Goa When You Want To Give The Beaches A Break

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While it's hard to stay far from the gorgeous, sunny beaches, for those who wish to explore more, Goa is surrounded by a hilly landscape that lies a few hundred kilometres from the beaches. If you plan to go travelling in and around Goa during the year, we recommend a road trip to these hill stations around Goa. 


Amboli is a lush green hill station in the Western Ghats. It is the perfect getaway for nature lovers who wish to enjoy nature trails around waterfalls, treks to peaks that provide jaw-dropping views of the ghats, or just indulge in the fine offerings of Mother Nature at the natural springs and waterfalls. Located at 690 metres above sea level, this makes for a great nature break for the weekend. Right after the monsoons is the best time to head here. 

Distance From Goa: 75 kilometres

Attractions: The ghats, ancient cave temple of Hiranyakeshi, Amboli Falls, Madhavgad Fort, Shirgaonkar Point


Sawantwadi is a small, picturesque town located in the Sindhudurg district in the Western Ghats. It’s a popular pitstop for those driving down from Pune/Mumbai, and during summer months this region is known for producing some of the best mangoes in the country. Sindhudurg has a lot of cultural importance and history attached to it- part of this town is now converted into a museum, where the community of Sawantwadi specialises in the art of making toys out of wood. In fact, Sawantwadi has kept alive the centuries-old traditional art of making wooden toys known as Ganjifas.

If you’re looking for a nature break that comes with great hospitality at cosy homestays and a lesson in history, Sawantwadi is just the right fit for you. Our favourite resort that's all things luxury, Coco Shambhala is worth robbing a bank for and ideal if you can save up and plan in advance. You can also check out Nandan Farm Stay.

Distance From Goa: 70 kilometres 

Attractions: Sawantwadi Palace and Moti Talao


Dandeli is a hill station that is a popular getaway for thrill-seekers and adventure lovers. Situated in Karnataka, Dandeli is the preferred getaway for those into river rafting, camping and trekking. The Kali River at Dandeli is a popular river rafting destination in India and provides a thrilling experience of 1,800 feet above sea level surrounded by dense greenery. Another popular place to visit here is the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary which is the second-largest sanctuary in the state of Karnataka. You can happily go camping, fishing and mountain biking at this campsite

Distance From Goa: 120 kilometres 

Attractions: Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, river rafting, safari tours, night camps

Chorla Ghat

Chorla Ghat is a peaceful getaway and it lies at the  tri-junction of Goa, Karnataka, and Maharashtra, and boasts of breathtaking views of the lush green Western Ghats, abundant flora and fauna and cascading waterfalls. You can explore the landscape through jungle walks, hiking and trekking, and if you’re feeling adventurous you can also opt for a night trail at the Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary. It’s a lovely hill station getaway, particularly for couples. For some quiet downtime and infinity pool time, and of course, an introduction to the region's rich biodiversity, we cannot recommend a stay at Wildernest enough. 

Distance From Goa: 70 kilometres

Attractions: The Twin Vajra Falls, Lasni Tomb Peak, Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary


Chikmagalur is a popular hill station in Karnataka. The road trip from Goa to Chikmagalur is one of the most scenic ones and blesses you with never-ending views of lush green slopes and fields, clean air and a well-deserved break from the hustle. Chikmagalur is known for its coffee plantations and is in fact the first place in India to cultivate coffee. It offers a lot of opportunities for trekking, coffee plantation tours and jungle safaris. The Mullayanagiri Trek is a 4km trek to the highest peak in Karnataka and one of the most popular options. 

Distance From Goa: 240 kilometres

Attractions: Mullayanagiri Trek, Kemmanagundi Trek, Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary


Agumbe is called Cherrapunji of the South because of the amount of rainfall it receives, and the abundant greenery that it is gifted with. The breathtaking landscape offers unforgettable views, and nature trails are found in abundance. Waterfalls and viewpoints make this hill station in Karnataka a huge hit for those who love nature photography. If you love wildlife, especially reptiles, Agumbe is also known as the breeding ground of the King Cobra, one of the longest and most poisonous snakes in the world.

Distance From Goa: 300 kilometres

Attractions: Onake Abbi, Bakarna and Jogi Gundi Falls, Sunset View Point, Sri Venugopala Krishna Swamy Temple, Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary.


Kudremukh lies in the Chikmagalur district of Karnataka It is a region famous for its biodiversity and scenic beauty, and is a loved getaway for those in Goa and Karnataka. This peak is the highest peak in Chikmagalur, and the mountain is shaped in the form of a horse-face. Rolling meadows, grasslands and dense forests make Kudremukh a popular choice of holiday destination for nature and wildlife lovers, while trekkers love to visit this hill station for a challenging climb. 

Distance From Goa: 350 kilometres

Attractions: Hanuman Gundi Falls, Kudremukh Peak


Nersa is a hill station is a hidden gem that not too many tourists know of. If you’re looking for an offbeat getaway, a road trip here is a great idea. At Nersa you have options to trek through the dense foliage, walk along nature trails and go bird-watching. Nersa is a popular hill station for wildlife and nature photographers. From steep slopes to sprawling stretches of countryside, there is something here for every kind of nature lover.

Distance From Goa: 80 kilometres

Attractions: Kongla, Bhimgad, Abnali, Jamgoan, and Dongargoan treks.


Vengurla is located in the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra. It is surrounded by a semi-circular range of hills that are lush green and blessed with abundant nature trails. It is also famous for cashew and mango plantations, and tourists love to go on these plantation tours as they enjoy a pit-stop in this hill station near Goa.

Distance From Goa: 110 kilometres

Attractions: Dabholi, Mochemad and Tula's Peak Treks, plantation tours


This beautiful hill station lies in Karnataka, is a perfect getaway for couples, nature lovers and photographers. This picture-perfect getaway is located at 1774 feet above sea level, and provides a refreshing break from the city life. It’s not crowded, which makes it a perfect romantic holiday destination. For nature and adventure lovers, there are a lot of options available for treks to peaks and waterfalls.

Distance From Goa: 150 kilometres

Attractions: Satoddi Falls, Magod Falls, Jenukallu Gudda peak