The Ship-Like Houses Of Goa Museum Introduces You To The Architecture Of The State

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A short drive from Panjim, the Houses Of Goa Museum is a hidden gem that showcases the history of architecture in the sunny State. Drop by to discover the uniqueness of Goa’s many heritage buildings and its homes.

Home Sweet Home

A trip to the Houses of Goa in a small village called Salvador-do-Mundo, may take you off the beaten track. But it is so worth it. Conceptualised by Gerard Da Cunha, a leading architect and a local, the museum delves into the history of architecture in Goa. If you can’t get enough of Panjim’s Latin Quarters and Old Goa, you need to here.

All Aboard!

Possibly the most striking feature of this small museum is the building that houses it. A curious triangle that looks a lot like a ship, the museum stands on a traffic island right in the middle of the road. Inside, you can discover the curious layers of this oddly-shaped building and also the many treasures it holds.

Spread across three levels, the museum has plenty of pictorial displays and a collection of artefacts that you can browse through. On the first level, there’s thrilling series of sketches by Mario Miranda that features the history of Goa. They also delve into how architecture developed after the Portuguese colonised the State.

On the second floor, there are various artefacts from homes in Goa. A wooden coat hanger that opens out like an umbrella and ornate headboards, There’s also a pair of wooden hands that were used to hold pictures and mirrors. These are some of the more curious items on display here. There are also railings, doorways, and other pieces of furniture. In the third floor, you will find more displays on the features of a typical Goan home — from the Balcaos {the sit-outs} to the vibrant Tulsi Vrindavans that can be found in old Hindu homes.

Back To School

The architect, Gerard Da Cunha, has built a few fascinating schools in the vicinity. You can tour those too and sign up for it at the desk. The eco-friendly buildings come with a Harry Potter Room and an amphitheatre that’s built with glass bottles.


Just across the museum, there’s a Mario Miranda gallery where you can buy the artist’s works and all sorts of souvenirs.