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Spooky Goa: This Chapel Atop Cuelim Hill Is Believed To Be Haunted

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What Makes It Awesome

The 3 Kings Chapel is a lone church located atop a hill called Cuelim, in Cansaulim, in the vast expanses of South Goa. With Goa being rife with a million exciting stories and legends, one such urban legend involves the 3 Kings Chapel. Many say that the site is haunted, and the spirits of the kings still wander over the church. Intrigued? Read on...

Not only does the legend of the three ghost kings makes this church intriguing, here you can witness nature’s bounty aplenty. The story goes that the church was governed by 3 kings, who fought and eventually killed each other in a quest to become more powerful and be the ultimate ruler. Later, they were buried at the church site itself and story goes that their spirits still roam the place, quietly governing and protecting the kingdom.

There have been a number of claims about mysterious, paranormal experiences that visitors have had at the church. Late in the evenings, people who have walked around have claimed to have experienced a strong presence of sorts. The phantom presences have never harmed anyone, but many claim to have felt them.

Since the church in the South, most people haven’t heard of it. However, the view from the place are breathtaking. If you’re curious and want to explore the site yourself, make sure you head there before 6pm, post sunset visitors are not allowed on the church grounds.


There isn’t much around it, so it could be a really long drive if you are staying in the North. So pack a picnic and remember to carry your camera.