Looking For A Peaceful Getaway? Drive Away To This Buddhist Site In Andhra Pradesh


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If you enjoy going on road trips with your pals, pack your bags and visit Adurru in Kakinada. This serene Buddhist excavation site is just nine hours away from Hyderabad and five hours away from Vizag

What Makes It Awesome

Love taking the road less traveled? Adurru is known for its unearthed landmarks like the Buddha Stupas, Viharas, and Chaityas which were found in the late 1953s. This place will leave history lovers pulse racing as the prime fascination of this place is the Mahastupa which is built like a wheel on a raised dais. What, is that even possible? Being a Buddhist place, this place gives out oodles of positive vibes which will lift your spirits up if you've been feeling low. Wondering where to stay? There are many pleasant resorts nearby where you crash for a day or two comfortably with your gang. Visiting with family? Don't worry, we've got you covered. There are many famous temples and beaches that you can go to under an hour's time. Family time sorted! 


You might not find many tourists there because it's a hidden gem which is great if you're like us and don't like crowded places while traveling.