At Home With Kids? Keep Boredom At Bay With These Activities

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Social distancing is tough for everybody, especially for kids. They say all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, but so does no work and no play. So avoid that, we've made this list of fun at-home activities for kids which will keep them entertained for quite some time. 

Make Greeting Cards

This is time to spread positivity. Grab a book with plain papers and get artsy with your little one. Recall all your crafts classes in school and make some with pencil scrapes, paints, literally anything. 

Master Doodling

Let your child's imagination run wild and encourage them to doodle. It's a stress-buster and super therapeutic. Once doodling on the paper is mastered, you could maybe guide them to a doodle of ceramic plates and bowls with a marker and take their creativity up a notch.  

Teach Them To Stitch

Stitching is a basic life skill. So now is a good time to teach them how. They say a stitch in time saves nine, so why not use the time we have now to show them something new? You can start off with really basic stitches on a cloth, and hey if you yourself don't know how to, find a tutorial and make it a group activity. 

Get Gardening

Dig out an old bottle that your little one can use as a watering can and help them learn gardening. If not this, you can make planters out of old mugs and jars, and teach them to plant left over kitchen waste like seeds, shoots, and roots to make a mini kitchen garden. 

Play Old-School Games

Go back in time and teach your little one simple games you used to play as a child. On the top of our minds, we're thinking hop-scotch, hide and seek, and some card ticks. Not only will it be fascinating for them to learn a new game but it'll also start conversations about your childhood. That makes for a good dining table conversation, right?

Learn Sign Language

Children are fast learners, so this is the perfect time to teach them sign language as a life skill. Not only will it teach them compassion but also it'll be your secret code language in front of strangers. Ain't that cool?