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Hummus, Falafels & Kebabs: Order In Lebanese Dishes From These Restaurants

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Comfort food meets exotic flavours — there's a reason why we love Lebanese food. And Hyderabad has its own huge share of fanatics who, at one point in time..or..erm..before COVID, would gather around at Lebanese joints for good old shawarmas and hummus with chicken. Well, those days might have sailed, my friend, but the great food is still here, for us to savour. On that note, here is a list of the best Lebanese and Middle Eastern restaurants to order in from. 

Spice 6 - The Arab Villagio

Legend has it that unless you've not eaten mandi with your friends at Spice 6, you haven't truly bonded. And to that, we say aye aye, before checking out their delivery menu. Offering both hot and cold mezzas, start slow and nibble on their Mashawi Mushakal — a fine assortment of grills, fries, and dips. Got your family or friends to share food around? Order in large meals in the form of Non Veg Mezza Platter (it comes with kebabs, hummus, muttabel, and pita bread) and Laham Mandi. And the best part? They whip up delicious (and fresh) salads and dips like Baba Ghanoush, Muhammara. 

Must eat: Laham Mandi, Mutton Shawarma, and Hummus & Muhammara


While the Hummus With Toasted Pita Bread from Istah happens to be our favourite 5pm snack, we can write poetry on their meat. But we'll save you that horror and jump right into the food. Take your pick between khubus and rumali for the shawarma. Istah says their chicken is 100 per cent boneless breast meat and one bite into the shawarma, you can tell. With a great mayo and meat ratio, this one's filling. Looking for something healthy? Scroll down to Health Hub for wheat-based bread options. Vegetarians, if you're lurking around in this post — go, try Istah's Paneer Shawarma and you'll keep going back for it.

Must eat: Chicken Sahaan Meat Bowl, Hummus & Pita Bread, Istah's Chicken Shawarma

The Halal Republic

The pandemic might have forbidden you from flying to the USA to tuck into The Halal Republic, but here's good news. They've opened an outlet in Banjara Hills, and all you lucky folks can order in. Or go pick food — whatever fancies you. Start your meal with their iconic Gyro Chicken Wholesome Shawarma — served either in tortilla or kuboos, expect lots of veggies and tzatziki mayo with chicken. Looking for a lamb option? Go for the Moroccan Lamb where lamb is slow-cooked with Moroccan spices and ooh, the flavour is nothing quite like the other shawarmas. Also, they've got rice bowls and platters. Vegetarians, Falafel/Kibbeh Platter is for you — take note.

Must eat: Lamb Over Rice Bowl, Wings Bucket, Juicy Lucy Chicken Shawarma Burger, Gyro Chicken Wholesome Shawarma

Istanbul-Authentic Doner Kebab

Kebab Platters, anyone? Istanbul-Authentic Doner Kebab is known for its platters where fries, chicken, salads, and sauces come together to make your dinners festive AF. They've got around five types of platters (along with Chicken Wings Platter) that you can pick from. When you get enough of 'em, move on to the juicy Doner Kebab. Every bite will find you loving the well-done chicken and sauces. Istanbul also makes a wicked Durum Kebab Wrap, and most of these dishes are served as combos too. 

Must eat: Doner Kebab, Lahmacun Wrap, and Istanbul Special Platter


When Aqasa - Arabic Kitchen opened up, we all did a jive. And why not? Their Kabsa and Kunnafeh are so good that you'll talk about them for days, and we're not exaggerating. When you're ordering in, here's what to try: Lebanese Mezze Platter (this often comes with beetroot hummus, classic hummus, and herb hummus), Harissa Fish, or even Corporate Lunch Box. The lunch box is well-packed and comes with mutton kabsa, hummus, pita bread, and dessert. But if you are in the mood for more, go for the Maksa which is a heavenly (large) meal of mandi, kabsa, chicken, and mutton. Yup, that's a lot but just what you need on the weekends.

Must eat: Kabsa Chicken, Shawarma Special Chicken Wrap, Fattoush Salad, Juicy Mandi

Turkish Central

Greek Souvlaki, Hummus Shawarma, Falafel Salad — no meal is simple with Turkish Central. You gotta love this place because they serve 10 types of shawarma. We recommend XXL Shawarma where juicy charcoaled chicken, fries, and sauce are all served in xxl quantities. Well, this makes us hungry but we'll give you deets on what's more to eat. Talking about large meals, you've got to gobble down their Turkish Central Kebab Combo. This combo has Greek kebabs, sufi kebabs, kaju kebabs, chicken wings, isken kebabs, and a soft drink. 

Must eat: Turkish Central Kebab Combo, Chipotle Shawarma, Falafel Salad


Kebab lovers, you're in for a treat! Levant in Banjara Hills has so many varieties of kebabs that the chances are you'll try something new every time you order in. We know we've given you lots of meaty (and some cheesy, greasy) options, so if you want to dig into something healthy — try out some salads. The Armenian Pomalo Salad and Turkish Dajaj Salad are great meal starters. Mezze options such as Lebanese Hommos Bairuti, Lebanese Rakak Jebnah, and Turkish Jawaneh Levant are crowd favourites — soon, they'll become your favourites too. And then, you can move on to the kebabs and Lahmajoon. 

Must eat: Mashawi Mushakal, Turkish Half Meter Kebab, Zarb, and Turkish Balka Sheesh