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Thriller, Comedy, Drama & More! These Are The Best Shows To Watch On AHA

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AHA is a new kid on the block, and as much as we love our Netflix, Prime, and Hotstar, we are suckers for local content on AHA. Launched in January, this Telugu OTT platform has a bunch of movies and shows so here are five best shows you should watch on AHA solid Telugu entertainment kosam


If you like shows that put you on the edge of your seat, Locked is a psychological thriller for you. Dr Anand, the protagonist of the show, is a professor and neurosurgeon, popular for solving tough-to-diagnose cases. But what's hidden is the fact that there's a dark history to his medical research which starts to build up when his colleague Misbah and a cop enter his house. How the night follows and the story unfolds is what will keep you on the toes. 


This show is purely a drama. But not the sappy kind you're used to seeing on TV. In this show, Nanditha is a 20 something-year-old girl from a middle-class family who is married off to an NGO professional because of parental pressure. Post that, she detested any sort of intimacy from her husband who forced himself on her on a few instances. Things become even ugly when she finds out about her husband's extramarital affair and the fact that he's not as innocent as he looks. Curious, much? BTW, this show is an adaptation of Hello, a Bengali show on Hoichoi. 

Shit Happens

An attempt at adult comedy — this show is about three college friends Harsha, Sameer, and Sathvik, and their desperation to, well, get laid. They're awkward boys who cannot initiate a prover conversation with women, have no luck in being friends with them at least, and owing to these reasons and more, they're given the title of "dry batch" by the rest of their class.

To prove them and everyone else wrong, Harsha, Sameer, and Sathvik hire a hooker only to find her dead in their home. What happens next? As the title suggests, shit happens! If you're looking for a mindless comedy series to pass time, this is it. This show stars Harsha Chemudu from the Viva series on YouTube, so you know you what you can expect. 

Kotha Poradu

Shot in a rural setting where patriarchy dominates the lives of every woman, Kotha Poradu is set in a remote village, PK Palli. Raju, the main character of this show has to make a life of his own in Hyderabad at any cost. Why? His life in PK Palli had nothing great to hold on to. He went around with his friends aimlessly, smoking and boozing his days away. His father was a small-time saree seller who had multiple wives that didn't stop him to become the biggest flirt in the village. He resorted to taking small loans from everyone he knew to sustain his many families and not like it.

But his life takes a 360 degree turn when his father passes away and his feud with a local goon gets worse. With all the debt and a life-threatening incident waiting to happen, will he make something of himself in Hyderabad? That's pretty gripping, right?


Chaala Hollywood feel show feel tho, this is a story about six characters whose modern-day relationships are driven by lust, ambition, and greed. A bar owner (played by Navdeep), his better half, a bar waitress, her supervisor, a singer, and a model have their lives intertwined with the bar in different ways and with their hush-hush affairs now in the open, their lives will never be the same. What happens next? Is bigger trouble waiting for them? This ambitious show is worth a watch. Also, this show is directed by Krish Jagarlamudi.