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Practice Social Distancing But Don't Distance Yourself From These Amazing Telugu Movies

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Intlo emi tochatleda? Boreayi juttu peekkovali anipistunte, stop. While we can't go to theatres right now because we have to follow social distancing, we don't have to distance ourselves from entertainment and movies. Mari anni kashtalu oddu le. So across all streaming platforms (Hotstar, Prime, Netflix, etc), here are some Telugu movies that you should watch. 

Mathu Vadalara

If thriller movies are up your alley, Mathu Vadalara on Prime should be on your list. This movie is about greed and how it lands the two protagonists of the movie, Babu and Yesu, in trouble. The first half of the movie is a fine blend of comedy and suspense, and the second half is where it picks up the pace of a thriller movie. They're frustrated by their average paying jobs as delivery executives and decide to undertake unlawful activities. Read the title, guess cheyyochu. 


Another gem of a movie on Prime. This movie revolves around three intermediate students who don't have their lives together. They come up with a plan to help a woman escape her overbearing father only to find themselves in deep trouble. Edoga undi kada? This one's a comedy movie, so sit through it for laughs of adenti ra baboi! 


Now let's jump to Netflix. Manu is a three-hour-long, drama-genre movie and this is why you should watch it. The main character of the movie, Manu, is a lonely artist who comes with a dark past. His life had always been tragic and when he falls in love with a vibrant photographer Neela, his life takes an unimaginable twist. Hmm, interesting ga undi kada

Care Of Kancharalepam

This 2008 movie is an unconventional love story that revolves around several characters and four love stories. In a typical rural South-Indian setup, each of these stories captures love in different forms as they flourish while dealing with all the external factors that the setting provides. 


This movie had us on the edge of our seats. Goodachari is a suspense thriller and a brilliant one at that. Gopi is recruited into RAW, but on his graduation day, he is stuck declared as a wanted terrorist with the false allegation that he planned on killing two RAW officials. How he clears his name and who all come in his way is a story worth watching. FYI, this one's on Prime.