This Co-Working Space In Ameerpet Moonlights As A Funky Cafe & Bar

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Collab House at Out of the Box is a co-working space within the same premises as the Green Park hotel. This is where you work, create and order a drink or two from the bar across the glass wall.

What Makes It Awesome

Collab House at Out of the Box (a cafe run by the Green Park hotel) is a creative space that started on the note — can we make people of Hyderabad curious and more importantly, can we gather curious individuals in one space? Always bustling with activity, it has a cafe cum bar that dishes out food and drinks too. And there’s also DIY Thursdays, illustration workshops, meet ups etc. 

The LBB Hyderabad crew was invited to work out of Collab House for a week. The space is actually meant for hot desking rather than running a full-fledged office but smaller companies (startups, we are looking at you) can take up tables here too. The co-work space comes with air conditioning, a funky chevron patterned wall, and comfortable seating. Want to take a break? Then step out into the spacious courtyard where you can sit, take part in activities organised by Collab House or even have your coffee in peace. The workspace and cafe are separated by a glass wall. But the good news is that the music is never intrusive, so you can work in peace with Justin Bieber crooning at a distance.

Throughout the weekend, a bunch of events are hosted in the space and the co-workers have access to all of them. Right from DIY kits to tools for creating things, Collab is all set to also provide a maker’s space like concept where you can sue their spaces to DIY anything you want including loads of carpentry. When you book a space here, a part of the fees will let you order in food and drinks too (only a percentage of the total amount though).


The chef at OTB rustles up out-of-the-box dishes. Disco Idli (spicy stir-fried idlis), Idli Dalcha (a version where south meets north), Avakay Kodi Pulav (spicy, pickled chicken biryani) are some of the highlights here. There is coffee (served in cutting chai glasses) and also you can order cocktails with Indian twists like paan, chilies and even lime pickle. And the best part is, you get haleem throughout the year here.

At the moment, Collab House has two more co-working branches. Their Jubilee Hills branch houses technology innovators, startups etc. while the other branch is located inside MLR Institute of Technology which is a dedicated space for the engineering students of MLR to collaborate and create.