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Hole In The Wall Cafe - A Classic Stop For All Your Breakfast Cravings!

    Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

    What Makes It Awesome?

    Eggs, bacon, and French toast have never been better — sounds familiar? When we talk about the required meals for our bodies, breakfast is considered to be a familiar part of the daily routine that we assume it's something people have always enjoyed. By the dawn of the 1920's, Dr Kellogg had sold the world on an iconic belief stating Breakfast is the most important meal of the day — at least when it comes to your health. However the concept of having an early nutritious meal during the day dates back to the Medieval times of Europe, wherein the labours going to work had to eat early, or for the elderly and infirm.

    However, Ian Mortimer, a historian had another take which states that breaking fast with a meal was invented in the 16th century as an offspring for the influx of high employment. With a higher amount of folks coming to work & long working hours affected their productivity, a big breakfast allowed them to work longer days. The Industrial Revolution and the move from farms to factories formalized the idea of breakfast further, and now it's normal for everyone to eat breakfast before going to work. Moreover, mankind’s early breakfasts were not sweet. However, in the most recent 500 years, an entire civilization has become impassioned and addicted to a sweet taste as part of this meal.

    Today’s breakfast menus are just as likely to include items that are sweet, savoury or even both, and they are increasingly likely to include ingredients or dishes sourced from around the globe. Fun, funky and open six days a week from 8 a.m to 8:30 p.m, The Hole in the Wall cafe is a popular breakfast spot in Jubilee Hills locality aimed at locals & tourist alike. This elevated cafe, situated on the Road No. 45, boasts some great indoors embedded with Wall arts, shelves full of books and board games, however, the outdoor seating is something to look forward to, from swings to french-style windows popping out on a wall accompanied by boulders and some exquisite wooden seating space.

    Let's talk about the food - for the vegetarians, do try out Beans-on-a-cake & mushroom onion cheesy fries as both of them are really good; creamy baked beans coated in sauce paired up with crispy patties stuffed with seasoned mashed potato & corn served along with toast. Also, we tried out Mr Hole's Eggless breakfast consisting of hash browns, baked beans, grilled tomato with spinach, mashed potato served with toast slices making it a complete platter. For the meat lovers, the meaty Pizza Omelette, chicken Nest burger & Awesome Sausage sandwich can surely fill your tummies; onto the burger which had a chicken and egg patty with coleslaw topped with BBQ sauce, a good affair in total. Even the Penne Pasta was enrobed in a creamy white sauce with soft and tasty penne pasta, a good choice for the pasta lovers.

    Lastly, to wind up we got Triple chocolate pancake, Santa Waffles & their standard pancakes; Santa waffles really needs to be improvised on the filling as it could have been blueberry flavour or something lighter to the palate, but its come with a good presentation so you’ve got to click it for the ‘gram, but the Triple chocolate Pancake surely was an instant hit, chocolate all way through from the first to the last morsel. And as Adelle Davis puts it, "Eat Breakfast like a King", Hole in the Wall is one place which can hit upon for consuming your daily energy intake for your most important meal of the day.
      Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad