Candy Crush Saga: Stock Up On Marshmallows, Sour Belts & Gummy Bears From This Kiosk

    Punjagutta, Hyderabad


    We'll quite literally take you to a candy shop which is made up of our childhood dreams. Get marshmallows, power mints, sour belts at this kiosk at INR 160 for 100 grams. 

    What Makes It Awesome

    House Of Candy is a tiny kiosk in Next Galleria Mall, Punjagutta and it's where we go for our share of rare candies. Attracting not just kids but also elders, this kiosk has a fine stock of Gummy Bears, Raspberries (So good!), Fizzy Peaches, Cola Bottle, sour belts (perfect for late-night binge eating), M&Ms, chocolate fudge. We love a mix of sweet and sour, so we go for a handful of each variety, but if you want just one variant, take your pick and go for it. And then, your candies are packed in an adorable paper bag, and you can also buy a lollipop at the kiosk and go around window shopping.

    Got a kiddie home? They undertake party orders too. Just contact them in advance and they'll arrive at your doorstep with bags full of happiness..errr..candies! 

    What Could Be Better

    Since they run out of stock by evening, they MUST get more candy. 

      Punjagutta, Hyderabad