Hyderabad Is All Set To Get Its First Airport Express Metro Train

Sunaina posted on 02 April

Travelers, rejoice! The second phase of the metro rail project is bringing to Hyderabad its first airport express rail, which is a superfast suburban train that is capable of running at a speed of 135 kmph. This proposed express train will link Raidurg to the International Airport at Shamshabad. With limited stops in between, it’ll clock Raidurg to the destination in 20 minutes.

You know what this means, don’t you? We can now gladly leave for the airport through the metro, under lesser hours rather than starting nearly three hours in advance. And not just that —  no more shelling out INR 700-1,000 for a cab ride. As a far more affordable and less time-consuming option, Hyderabad can now zoom in style.

This report was first published in The Hindu. You can read the full story here.