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Frozen Pizzas, Gelato & Farm Fresh Milk: Order In From This Organic Brand


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    Pizza is a slice of my life and when Kiaro Foods said their frozen pizzas can be whipped under seven minutes, I had to try it out. Offering both vegetarian and non-vegetarian variants, these thin-crust pizzas are loaded with farm-fresh veggies and cheese from their backyard. I got my hands on their Ortolano and Farmhouse — while the Ortolano is ladened with veggies, the Farmhouse with all its dripping cheese is probably one of the best farmhouses I've eaten. I'm quite taken to the flavour of the cheese and how light it feels. Not greasy at all. Kiaro's range of gelatos and sorbet are a must-try. Give their Dark Chocolate or Hazelnut a shot, and you'll surely grab these for your Netflix nights. 

    I've also tried their soup jars and cakes. With cakes such as Lemond Pound, Banana, Walnut & Carrot, Almond — you'll never run out of options. Perfect to go with your tea, the Banana one is my favourite because it's moist and not too sweet, but if you love something sweeter, go for the Almond Cake. The soup jars have to be refrigerated and should be consumed in two days. I've tried their Mulligatawny (comfort food right there!) and Minestrone Soup. Generally, we don't find vegetables and pasta in soup jars but I was surprised to find the Minestrone having all that, and the tang! 

    Kiaro is known for its farm-fresh cow milk (it's also the first brand to introduce cow milk to Hyderabad) and at INR 80 per litre, milk arrives well-packed in a bottle. It's homogenised and pasteurised so you don't have to boil it too. I've consumed it with muesli and protein shake and loved it. In fact, if you're looking to make a switch to organic milk, I recommend trying out their milk subscription for a week.


    You can download Kiaro's mobile app (available on both Appstore and Google Play) and place your order. The orders are made in the mornings.