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Hitech City Peeps, We Found Budget Furniture & Home Decor At This Artisans' Village Near You

Shreya posted on 19 March

The urban jungle of Cyberabad also nestles Shilparamam which is a cultural crafts village. This rural set-up was introduced in 1992 with an aim to conserve the traditional crafts of India. And, it continues to successfully do so by showcasing a plethora of rustic arts and artefacts. Apart from boating in the lake, and visiting the rock museum amidst the lush landscapes — shopping is a given here.

Walking along the alleys between stores, you will notice how different flavours of India blend together. We spent some time in Shilparamam, and apart from all the jewellery, woodwork, and clothes — we found some furniture to add an old-school charm to our house. Mind you, you will really have to look because a lot of furniture pieces here are plain tacky, but we did find some gems and at reasonable prices too. 

Sun-Shaped Mirrors

Shaped like the sun, these beautiful mirrors come with hand-painted designs similar to those often found in henna patterns. The colour palette consists mostly earthy colours. The very simplicity of this product can make your home decor spectacular. We encourage you to haggle down the prices though. 

Price: INR 1,200 each

Colourful Glass Lanterns

Know the famous lanterns decking up the streets of Colaba Causeway? Hyderabadis can get their hands on equally attractive, colourful lanterns at Shilparamam. Hang them by the ceiling, or bask in their light by your bed-side.

Price: INR 350 each

Magazine Holders

Beautify your coffee table with these magazine holders that can conveniently hold upto seven to eight zines. Hoorah! Space for each taste.

Price: INR 950 each

Miniature Gramophones

If you’re a lover of all things vintage — these dummy gramophones are for you. A fine example of wooden and brass handicraft — this piece will lend a classy stroke to your house.

Price: 550 each

Antique Telephones

This old-fashioned telephone is a conversation starter. Nothing like a rusty finish for a li’l bit of nostalgia for the bygone era in your decor. Place it on a stack of your favourite books and you are good to go. 

Price: INR 350 each

Ceramic Drawer Sets

Good for some colour pop, you can use these tiny drawers to keep your accessories, stationery, or even kitchen knick knacks. They come in sets of three to nine, and look super cute. 

Price: INR 850 for a set of three

Cute Jute Furniture

Go minimalistic with these long-lasting woven jute chairs and stools. They look rustic and charming as well as comfortable and can be set up pretty much anywhere.

Price: INR 1,800 each

Garden Furniture

If you have a lawn or backyard or even a small balcony — these dainty pieces will instantly add character to your outdoors. From plant holders, to racks and tables for succulent plants — this place has it all.

Price: INR 500 upwards


Don’t shy away from bargaining here as that can get you the best deals.

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