Elevate Your Casual Look With These Bold & Funky AF Earrings At INR 500!

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A Little Extra

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What Makes It Awesome

I think we all know what a great pair of statement earrings can do for us, and if you’re unsure, let us tell you. First, you can never feel underdressed. Two, it puts you in a great mood. Three, it makes for a great selfie and the list just goes on. A Little Extra is one such, super colourful accessory brand founded by Diksha Singhi. All the products are designed and made by artisans based in Assam, the founder's hometown. 

At A Little Extra, you will find earrings, bangles and necklaces handmade using terracotta, colourful beads, fabric or the classic - oxidised metal. Their main focus is on statement earrings that (we kid you not) exist in all the bright colours you can imagine. The goal is to provide you with a piece, no matter what the colour of your outfit is!

Think statement earrings like popcorn, cocktails, seashell, evil eye, watermelon and LOT more. Most of these range between INR 450 to INT 600. If you're someone who wears a lot of basics, these earrings are a perfect addition to glamourise your looks.