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CheatDayChecklist: 5 Best Fries & Cutlet Joints In Kolkata

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Cue up your cheat days ASAP 'cuz we are putting together a list of Kolkata's best fries and cutlet joints you'd be a fool to miss!

Sankar Fry

Love cheese and feel there's no such thing as too much cheese? Then let us introduce you to this decadent delicacy at Triangular Park's hidden gem, Sankar Fry's Cheese Chicken Fry. The joint's located just alongside Citi Style in Triangular Park. Their chicken cheese fry is a huge chunk of deliciously fried chicken sliced through the middle and filled with molten cheese and a spinach garnish. The mustard sauce they serve is made at home so the flavour punch that you get with the fries is unparalleled. Served fresh from the oven and in filling quantity, the fry comes for an affordable 70 bucks a piece. We also recommend their fish butter fry if your appetite allows!

Shankar Cabin

Fresh chicken pakoras for 12 bucks? Count us in. Shankar Cabin is the go-to place for the eternally broke and perennially hungry. They prepare the fries in front of you when you place the order, so the food you get there is fresh and piping hot for the most part. Mutton chops for 15 bucks, fish chops for 12, fish butter fry for 45 bucks and so much more at such pocket-friendly prices- you'd be spoilt for choice.


A hop and a skip away from Kalighat metro station at Sadananda Road, Apanjan is a little steep on prices but historically famous for their fish fry (there have been numerous newspaper and magazine articles just on that item!) For INR 150, you get one of the freshest, juiciest and most filling fish fries in town. They are also famous for their pakoras and kabirajis, so if you got the cravings, you know where to splurge on payday!

Mitra Cafe

Mitra Cafe has been one of the North Kolkata classics, but their Golpark branch whips up some delicacies too. An amazing fish kabiraji sets you back by 100 bucks. Their mutton chops (INR 35) and chicken cutlets (INR 70) are also worth a try!


Located just beside Archie's, Gariahat, Campari has been around for generations now and has made quite a name for themselves in the fries and cutlet arena. Great fries, no frills is their mantra. Try their fish rolls and fish fry, and do not miss out on their chicken cutlet. The rolls might be smaller than the usual kathi roll, but more often than not, the taste makes up for it, Their famous fish roll comes for 90 bucks, while their fish fry and chicken cutlet will set you back by 70 bucks each.