Make Your Children Use Their Free Time With These Online Courses From British Council

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What Makes It Awesome

With schools, institutions being closed and you being busy with work at home, it does get difficult to devote time towards your kid's learning. The British Council (BC) can now solve that problem in a heartbeat.

British Council's interactive learning, material available online ensures that learning never stops. BC offers a wide variety of learning exercises for different age groups, to improve English grammar, vocabulary and build knowledge across subjects Making learning fun with documentaries, exercises, short stories, word games, educational videos, etc. You can choose classroom resources across subjects for age groups between 4-18 years, which would include the Indonesia Education Pack, Five Films for Freedom Pack, Stereotypes and Islamophobia, and so on.

Check out their courses on learning English for kids and teens. Explore the different apps such as LearnEnglish Kids: Videos 
(Playstore), LearnEnglish Kids: Playtime (iOS) and Learning Time with Timmy (Playstore & iOS).


You can also show your kids fascinating short stories of some of the most famed and prominent writers in the form of videos. You can even take a print of an activity related to the short story.