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Fitness Websites And Channels To Make Sure You Workout And Stay Strong

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With many offices opting out of the work from home mode, and commute and traffic becoming an everyday struggle again, there's very little time to exercise. In these fast-paced times, we might not have the time to visit the gym or aerobic centres. So take off those pyajamas, bring out the sneakers and the mats, and put on your best-fitting look. Then, check out these tried-and-tested fitness websites and channels. I love my workouts, and I love to switch them up, so from Zumba and Bollywood dance to the training that Victoria Secret models do (watch out, Kendall Jenner) and kickboxing, these are our top favourites!

Fitness Blender

My all-time favourite website for workouts, Fitness Blender is brilliant for beginners, seasoned fitness folks and even those with a few aches and niggles. They have over 500 free workouts that target different (or all) body parts. I love the site more so because you can practically customise your workout. Be it for time, specific target muscles, with or without equipment, training type (cardio, HIIT, Pilates-inspired, balance or Barre among others) and even calories burned, it’s like you have a person trainer in the form of Kelli and Daniel. 


While this one doesn’t have videos, they have plenty of easy workouts if you’re just starting out. Of course, for the pros, they have a few options too! I like that these ones are meant to be done at home, and are not too complex. In fact, you can switch it up between yoga, HIIT or boxing, depending on your mood. They describe in words each movement, so make sure you run through the whole list, practise one, and then start the programme from beginning to end, so you don’t have to keep checking on the list! For the video versions of some of these workouts, and for a whole lot more, check out the space on YouTube. Nicky Holendar is my favourite coach, and he will motivate you all day, every day! 

The Body Coach

If you’ve got kids at home, make Joe Wicks your best friend! While we do love the adult workouts ranging from legs, bums and tums one to the Tabata-style HIIT ones, we are loving his workout for kids. Of course, if you haven’t exercised in ages, then you can do those too. We love these simple yet intense exercise. I’ve been doing it since he started it with the global lock down, and it’s motivating, and really does help you mentally stabilise, and really gets those endorphins going! 

They also have a youtube channel.

PopSugar Fitness

With mostly women trainers, I really enjoy the workouts on this website, and more so on the YouTube channel. This one is my go-to when I want an intense but fun workout. Of course, it looks colourful and light, but make no mistake, the stuff here will give you a proper workout, and get you sweating without realising! 


Unfortunately left un-updated for a year, we still cannot get enough of the videos on the XHITDaily YouTube channel! Rebecca-Louise is the chirpy and fit trainer I followed most, mostly because as fit as she is, she’s a realist and gets tired! Plus, the workout names are pretty fun. Who wants Victoria Secret Angel Legs? Of course, it helps that the folks from this website actually did train supermodels, so...aim high!


Ain’t no workout like a Bollywood dance workout! While there are plenty of options if you just search online, BollyFitness is an official one, which will keep you fit as you dance around trees, and do the jhatkas and matkas! They mostly have choreography for songs, so you will need to keep playing different tunes to make up a full workout. But they have a few short workouts that last ten minutes. 

Click here for their youtube channel.

Zumba with Dovydas

And finally, don’t ask me how, or why, but Dovydas is another of my favourite for home workouts that are fun, and have you properly exercising. It isn’t easy to always do fitness moves, so my Lithunanian friend Dovydas (OK, he’s not my friend, but he seems fun!) is just right for when you want a lighter workout. 'Despacito', 'Senorita' or 'Old Town Road', move and groove, and get fit!

Abhinav Mahajan & Aware Man

I checked this one out for fun, but find myself going back to it for simple and do-able workout options. Of course, there are really solid exercises, which you can follow if you're already in the know a bit. Otherwise, like me, check out the 60-minute, no-gym workout, or more targeted sessions that work on core, shoulder, back or abs. This one also has vlogs on diet, and general fitness and health habits. 

Vijaya Tupurani

Vijaya Tupurani is a super fun, certified, Zumba instructor who's also trained in Piloxing, Folk Fitness, Pound Fitness, Functional Training and other workout styles, which we may need to Google! But we love the dance fitness videos that she posts on her YouTube channel, and we're in it for those moves! A blend of dance, exercise moves and all-out fun, these are the kinds you can do to unwind and get super fit! Divided into South Indian Dance Workouts, Justin Bieber Playlists, Pitbul, Sean Paul and Badshah (among others) workouts, it's a real energy booster!