Gyoza To Rice Bowls: We Can't Stop Porking Out On Chez Pan Oriental's New Menu!

Chez - Pan Oriental Kitchen


A tiny restaurant holed inside a narrow lane, Chez Pan Oriental Kitchen have time and again reminded us of the dictum 'don't judge a book by its cover'. It's humble entrance leads to a high art indoor setting and its delicious food kept us going back to it, no matter the distance or the not-so-easily-spotted location. Keeping up with this, they now have a new menu that has left us scarfing to no end!

What Makes It Awesome

Vietnamese, Korean, Indonesian, Japanese, Thai, Malaysian and Chinese! The list could just go on, but the new menu of Chez Pan Oriental Kitchen has actually made room for all these cuisines and promises to serve the best version of them. When here you can't miss out on their dumplings, especially their signature Pork Booze dumplings that come with a lingering taste of sweet brandy or the Japanese Pork Gyoza (aka the Japanese pot sticker variant). Varety is the spice of life and so is Chez's new menu's highlight. The list of appetizers will literally boggle your mind, but you can take your pick and save the rest for the next following visits. Try the Indonesian Drums to bite into tender meat that comes coated in spicy sambal sauce (you'll get a hint of fish because the sauce is made with shrimp paste).

There's also the Vietnamese summer rolls for a light starter or the Japanese Ebi Tempura (batter fried prawns) and whole range of pork dishes like Shantung pork belly and Vietnamese pork short ribs for prawn and pork addicts. But it was their rice bowls that completely bowled us over. The kafir lime rice bowl that comes packed with jasmine rice, a side of prawn or pork and topped with a fried egg is a must-try (unless you don't like the aromatic awesomeness of lime)! To get a taste of Tibet try their Gansu lamb that's best eaten with rice or order a side of bulgogi for a taste of Korean. The Hainanese Chicken rice that is served with a side of chicken soup and a variety of sauces is also a worth try if you want to taste Singapore's national dish. 

Pro Tip

If you've haven't been here before, then chances of you not spotting it quiet high. Tucked inside a tiny, narrow alley, this one is easy to miss. To get here walk down the lane beside Allahabad Bank (across the road from Ekta Heights in Baghajatin), and you'll definitely reach your destination.

Chez - Pan Oriental Kitchen