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Can't Get Enough Of Pizza? Hit Up These Places For The Best Ones In Town

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Here are all the pizza slices you need to be scoffing down to celebrate the food of gods.

Fabbrica Della Pizza

The first in the city to whip out Neapolitan Pizza, this quaint restaurant will give you major ‘little Italy’ vibes — you’ll feel like you’re walking down a village in Italy. The pizza isn’t like the desi pizza we’re used to, it’s far more traditional and authentic. Don’t miss out on their qautro fromaggio (four cheese) or the dessert Nutella pizza either. 

My Big Fat Belly

Even though they’re known for their burgers, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by their pizzas. Intensely meaty and super satisfying, the pizzas are piled high with the meat of your choice. They do the whole hog: bacon, chicken, sausages, caramelised onions — you name it, they have it.

Raj's Spanish Cafe

A humble eatery tucked in one of the alleys of Sudder Street, Raj's Spanish Cafe has been serving the yummiest, fresh-baked woodfire pizza before anyone else came along. Raj’s Spanish Café not only has a wood-fired oven, but also authentic Italian recipes that are handed down to its cooks by Italian patrons who come and train the cooks every few times a year. Give the Funghi pizza a miss at your risk (because it’s something to die for). Meataholics, Pollo E Funghi or the seafood topped Fruity Di Mare pizza are must have, too.

Fire & Ice Pizzeria

This gorgeous place with huge glass windows is an authentic pizzeria which was actually founded by an Italian chef from Naples. Owner Annamaria Forgione is very particular about quality — every ingredient they use is stellar, a lot of it is locally sourced, and they make their own mozzarella and pesto. The funghi, four cheese and pepperoni pizzas will leave you gobsmacked.

Old film posters and vintage food signs add to the character of this restaurant located in a huge heritage building. They have a well-stocked cellar — so grab a seat by the window, sip on a glass of wine (or chug a beer) — you’ll  feel like you are somewhere in Europe.

They have an outlet in Kathmandu as well.

Home Slice

One of our absolute favorites, this is a bit of a hidden gem. It is a home delivery joint that serves only vegetarian pizzas. But — even if you are a hardcore carnivore  — we guarantee that you will fall in love with them. Even a simple margherita tastes awesome here with fresh basil leaves, great goat’s cheese and quality olive oil.

The pizzas arrive with a bottle of olive oil that you can add to the pizza, as well as basil leaves, and other toppings that you can add. Or you can order their pizza kits — they will send you the base, sauces and toppings in separate bowls and bottles, you put it together and shove it in your oven to bake. The kits come with precise instructions so you won’t go wrong.

The bases are thin crust {not that annoying, gaggy, maida-filled crap you get in most places}, the cheese is artisanal, the pizza dough and sauces are made fresh every day in small batches.

Eagle Boys Pizza

A relatively new kid on the block, everyone is flocking to Eagle Boys for their topping-laden pizzas. One of the few places left that serves pineapple on the pizza (Hawaiian Pizza is the kind of things couples break up over!). Try their combo meals if you’re on a budget.

Monkey Bar

Monkey Bar doesn’t just do your regular pizzas, you have to try their Iti Aunty’s Daab Chingri pizza. A twist of Kolkata on a thin crust pizza, the slices of pure heaven. The pizza is large enough to be shared with a couple of people and goes really well with their signature cocktails.