From Endamame To Pork, 6 Restaurants In Kolkata Serving Great Dim Sum

    Ten-Second Takeaway

    Dreaming of dim sum? These restaurants in Kolkata serve authentic gourmet dim sums that will satisfy all your Asian food fantasies and give you major South-East Asia throwbacks. Treat yourself to these gourmet meals for your next special day.




    Ballygunge, Kolkata

    Kolkata got its first Michelin-star restaurant, and the Asian food lovers couldn’t be more stoked that it served so many types of  dim sum! They only serve three dim sum per plate so you can try many options. They also do a mean Cheung Fung which is worth a taste. If you want to go all-out on tasting what they have, we recommend the five-course Taste of Yauatcha menu which comes for INR 888+ the Vegetarian curation and INR 988+ for the Meat curation.

    Flavours of China

    Flavours Of China

    Park Street Area, Kolkata

    You knew they had legendary Chilli Garlic Noodles but did you know that they have a relatively new addition to their menu – dim sum! We love the Mushroom and Water Chestnut and Chicken wrapped in Pak Choi. For all the seafood lovers out there, they have Prawn Almond Dim Sum, Seafood dumplings and Prawn and Chives dim sum. The pocket pinch for 5 pieces is INR 250+

    Asia Kitchen

    If you can never pick what dim sum to get {trust us, we feel your pain}, Asia Kitchen is here to help with their Non-Vegetarian dim sum platter which lets you sample 3 of their best dim sums without hurting your bank balance too much. For the vegetarians, the Edamame dumplings with truffle oil and the Vegetable dumplings are exciting options. Dumpling plates start at INR 290+



    Elgin, Kolkata

    Their dim sum options are a tad limited, but this new Asian food joint serves close cousins – dumplings, pot stickers as well as sui mai. We have a soft spot for the Kaffir Lime Scented Shrimp and Chicken Dumplings and the Mix-Veg Pot Stickers which are perfect for a quick Asian lunch or for a takeout meal. A plate of 6 dim sums comes for INR 125+

    The Noodle Hub

    With interesting flavour combinations like the Brocolli and Cashew Nut dumpling and the Chicken and Basil dumpling, The Noodle Hub has some of the most reasonable dim sum options in the city starting at just INR 120. We also love the red printed wallpaper that sets the perfect mood for a Chinese meal.

    Vintage Asia - JW Marriott Hotel Kolkata

    With contemporary décor {with an earthy wooden feel} and immaculate presenentation, the Marriot is where you can go to splurge on some drool-worthy dim sum.  Starting at INR 250+ and made with authentic ingredients like Shiitake, Lotus Root and Pak Choi, they are melt-in-your-mouth delicious.