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Kalo Jaam, Daab, Kacha Lonka & Gondhoraj: These Summer Ice Pops Are Melting Our Hearts

Anushka posted on 03 April


We discovered a joint selling freshly handcrafted popsicles in fruity, seasonal flavours including bael, daab, aam pora and kalo jaam.

Sweet And Savoury

So, the other day while I was walking with some pals towards Sienna Cafe in Hindusthan Park area, when I stumbled upon this  compact shop, Bhumisuta. The funky products on the glass window pane attracted me. Not only do they have an amazing collection of clothes and accessories {more about that later}, they also stock loads of organic foods. I was browsing through everything when I noticed a sign that advertised fruit popsicles, just what I needed on a sultry, summer day.

They had them in awesome flavours too. We had the watermelon, black grapes, and daab. But Bhumisuta stocks a huge range like bael {wood apple} and koth bael {similar to wood apple, only more sour}, daab {green coconut}, jackfruit, aata {custard apple}, litchi. black grapes, black berry {which is kalo jaam}, and soon to be introduced summers specials like aam pora {raw mango, roasted}, ripe mango, and their unique tangy one made with coriander, gondhoraj lebu and kancha lonka {green chillies}. They even stock one in Bengal’s fave sweet flavour, mishti doi {sweet curd}. The popsicles go under the brand, Fruitus-G. They are completely free of any chemicals, or any far or dairy.

Made By University Professors

The popsicles were actually developed by professors of Jadavpur University, and are available at other outlets as well, including one inside Jadavpur University.

So, We're Saying...

Fruit popsicles are the perfect substitute to the ice creams we crave in the scorching heat. And because these popsicles are made of pure frozen fruit pulp, they are much lighter and healthier. And they will set you back by only INR 15 {except the kalo jaam and sweet curd which are INR 20}. So what are you waiting for? Hit up the store now.

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