Head To Hogg Market To Add Some Extra 'Tadka' To Your Dishes

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If you're sceptic about packaged ground spices that are readily available in the market and prefer to buy spices whole, then Hogg Market is your go-to place to bag the freshest packs.

What Makes It Awesome

All shops on the rear side of Hogg Market stock a wide collection of authentic spices, arranged in neat glass jars. Look out for biryani, chap, curry, kebab and garam masalas and garlic, ginger, cumin, coriander, mango and pepper powders. Don't forget to take a pinch of these masalas on your palm and sniff them only to douse yourself in their authentic aroma. One shopkeeper was also happy to share that their biryani and kebab masalas are the most sought-after ones and used in almost all restaurants across the city.

They also store shredded yellow, green and red tutti-fruttis that can be used in ice creams and cakes. Unlike the packet ones, all the spices are organic and procured in raw form from across the country.

The price of all the spices is less as compared to the packet ones available in markets. They range anywhere from INR 50 to INR 500, all depending on the amount purchased. So next time the aroma of a biryani douses your senses, you know where the spices came from.


Some shops may insist you on buying the packet ones as they are pricier, so keep your eyes open.