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This New Joint Has Seriously Tender Tenderloin Steak, And The Price Tag's Easy On Your Wallet

Editors posted on 02 November


And they have homemade sausages to boot! It’s the little things that let them down. But we’d still give it another try.

Chomp On

First off, the tenderloin steak {INR 280} was seriously the most tender and juicy we have tasted so far in the city. Unlike many places {including the DI steaks people swear by}, this one was not chewy at all, not dry, not rubbery.

We ordered a medium rare and it came pink on the inside and browned on the outside. The sauce could have been better though. It said red wine jus on the menu but we could not taste any red wine {or much else for that matter}. And the mashed potato was also not up to the mark. But at that price, there’s no need to save up beforehand or to flirt with bankruptcy in order to eat a good steak here.

They have a pretty huge selection of sizzlers. We tried the Mexican Jerk Chicken {INR 340} which had an interesting spice marination, but they shouldn’t drench it in an uninspiring sauce. Not a good idea if the sauce is nothing to write home about. It came with a sausage on top and this one thing was infinitely better than the rest of the plate. They said they make their sausages from scratch.

Go for the the grilled bhetki {INR 340} if are a fish person — it’s juicy {the fish not overdone} and the lemon sauce perfect.

The Case Of The Missing Dips & Dressing

We ordered the Kaffiesta Special Crunchy Schnitzel Open Burger {INR 250}. Plus points for the succulent pieces of fried chicken inside. But a big minus for listing “spicy coleslaw” and “our in house dips” but giving a dry, undressed bit of cabbage and leaves, and a tiny bowl of ketchup. When we asked where the in-house dips were, they gave us some mayo.

Sip On

Or don’t. The drinks were nothing to write home about, unfortunately. The chocolate shake {INR 140} was thin and greyish-brown. The photos on their FB page {and menu!} shows something completely different. Bummer. The basil cucumber mojito was passable {INR 130}.


The place is kinda nice. It is small but very pleasant and has these touches of bright colour every where —  like the wall embedded with cups with lights inside, the water bottles and green glasses. It will be nice in the winters with sunlight streaming in from the glass door.

They have an all-day egg fest with ten different kinds of omelettes and scrambled eggs. We loved some of the names in the menu — like Babughat {fried fish and tartare sauce} and Bade Mian {marinated beef on skewers}. The prices are pretty reasonable — a BLT sandwich comes for INR 120 only.

Someone said the cheese souffle is great here. And they have risottos and pastas too. Perhaps next time.

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