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This Breezy, Rooftop Restaurant Has The Juiciest Steaks And Burgers

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Next time you are looking for a place for a date, try Wise Owl Steakhouse’s rooftop.

What Makes It Awesome

The laid-back terrace at Wise Owl probably wins the prize for the nicest rooftop terrace in the city. It is a lovely spot on winter afternoons (evenings). The terrace is open year round – we went there during a rainy afternoon and it was fabulous even then. The space is not raucous, and there’ll be no one hassling you for your table  It’s a perfect place for breakfast, or to let the afternoon and evening slip by. If only they served some coffee!

The long, L-shaped alfresco space is peppered with bright and striking owl-themed wall art and posters. Did you know that the owl is an important theme in Bengal’s literature and culture? A display cabinet in the ground floor space (where their cafe is situated) is full of interesting owl figurines and memorabilia.

Wise Owl serves lip-smacking starters (shout-out to the wings, a house special served with barbecue sauce), and gigantic burgers and juicy steaks. The meat is cooked to perfection on the charcoal grill or spit roast. Service is chummy, and the space is extremely inviting, especially in winter. The place isn’t only for meat lovers. They have decent vegetarian sections — from pastas, salads to vegetarian steaks and pizzas. You have to have the caramel custard. Though not as good as the one we had in a Parsi joint in Mumbai’s Ballard Estate {in which the caramel had been slight scorched and browned} it was nevertheless among the best we have had in the city. The spaghetti bolognaise (we had the chicken) was cooked well — al dente, and the sauce was perfect. In many places, the two elements {sauce and meat} can sometimes lack any kind of meaningful relationship. This wasn’t the case here. The dessert menu is seriously limited for some reason. We also tried the ice cream with chocolate sauce — hits all the right spots but it was missing some roasted nuts on top though.

Owl Art

Gigantic, Meaty Burgers