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This Restro's New Spread Will Take You Back In Time To Relish On Old Indo-Chinese Faves

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The one thing that comes anywhere close to Kolkata's love for roll, cutlet, momo, murgi and mach, is its Chinese fare. Not just Tangra to Tirreti, the city's Chinese food scene is boundless like a beast, and we take pride in sniffing out all new developments when it comes to this. Mamagota has a new spread of old school Indo-Chinese faves, and we have already checked out the deal for you.

What Makes It Awesome

Chopsticks at the ready. Gah! Who cares about chopsticks when you can load up more on that fork, and especially when you have too much drool to contain in your mouth? Mamagoto has started an old Indo-Chinese fare spread that made us drool somewhat like this, but we scarfed down enough to be in food coma. 

Red lanterns and the flowy Mandarin music of old Chinese joints were missing, but Mamagoto's got dim ambiance and the old favourite taste spot on to take us back in time. from the original gangster salt and pepper corn and chicken to wanton soup and Tangra special crispy babycorn - hit up here for a gastronomic throwback. Divvy up the springs rolls with buds, (there are eight in a plate!) and have the wok-tossed lamb to go as a side. Their signature bowls are our favourite, and this time we made a meal of the Chines Chop Suey.

What Could Be Better

The spread is packed with starters and appetizers, with only one main (chop suey) to go with. There's no new drinks or dessert to try either.


This new spread is introduced like a sidekick to their main menu. Order up your starters and sides here and go for your mains from the old menu.