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Go On A Mission: Six Fun Things You Can Do Only On Mission Row In Kolkata

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Although Mission Row (now known as Ganesh Chandra Avenue) is a busy road situated on the commercial side of the city, it’s not all work and no play. Here are six fun things you can do on Mission Row. 

Dig Into Delicious Chana Bhatura At Mission Cafe

Want to have the best Chana Bhatura in town? Look no further than Mission Cafe. The soft but huge bhaturas with chickpeas in a spicy gravy is comfort food (we're craving it already!). So, if you love this Punjabi wonder dish as much as we do, then make sure you drop by this eatery while wandering about Mission Row.

Catch A Flick Or Two At Inox Hind

A standalone theatre turned multiplex, Inox Hind, located on the busy Mission Row is a great place to catch a movie (or two) without burning too big a hole in your pocket. In fact since this Inox is situated in a more commercial area, tickets too are quite easily available. Although be warned that finding parking might be a big hassle this side of the town. 

Dive Into The Chimney Soup At Eau Chew

Don’t be discouraged by the dilapidated state of the building this iconic restaurant is in; it is one of the best Chinese restaurants in the city. Eau Chew’s chimney soup is synonymous with authentic Chinese food in Kolkata – a piping hot bowl of broth with an egg freshly cracked over it, it’ll feed at least four people (twice!). You cannot make a trip to Mission Row and come back without trying out the Josephine Noodles (named after the owner of the restaurant’s wife) at Eau Chew. 

Go Gadget Shopping

If you’re looking to buy electronic products, particularly, laptops or desktop computers, Mission Row is where you should be at. A whole stretch of road on both sides is dotted with stores offering you plenty of options. If you’re spoilt for choice, we suggest you go to Utsav Computers or Vedant Computers. The staff at these stores are super helpful, they will guide you through all the technical specifications and offer competitive prices.

Let Bow Barracks Take You Back In Time

As you turn into a tiny lane just behind the Bowbazaar Police Station off Mission Row, you will be stepping into a territory carrying a rich history of colonial legacy. These streets are bearers of stories and anecdotes from the past. Let the three-storeyed buildings (with square balconies and green doors) standing next to each other on the yellow and red by-lanes, transport you to the colonial era.

Raise A Toast At The Old-World Hotel Broadway

A good place to stop and ponder the past is the ground-floor bar of the Broadway Hotel, on Mission Row. The bar is attached to the old and atmospheric Broadway Hotel. With half whitewashed and half brick red walls, French windows, high ceilings and wooden interiors, Broadway exudes an olden-day charm. Reminisce in the afternoon light pouring in golden soft through the shutters as you drink draught beer and munch on 'stock-market toast' (named after bakery bread that was found near the Calcutta Stock Exchange building).