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Pet Pujo: Hog On The Best Of Kolkata Street Food, Bar-Style At Monkey Bar

Raisa posted on 03 October


Food trail around the city while sitting at a gorgeous bar: Monkey Bar is doing Kolkata street food like never before this Pujo with everything from Elgin Road Momos and Beadon Street Fish Roll to Vivekananda Park Ghoogni and Girish Park-er Shoitan Deem.

What Makes It Awesome

Pujo is right around the corner (we can almost hear the dhakis) and what better way to celebrate than with some (hygienic) Kolkata street food with a Monkey twist? Satisfy all your munchies cravings with this incredible, thoughtfully planned Pujo menu at Monkey Bar which makes it's way around Kolkata giving you a taste of the best of its street food. With all the flavours that'll give you major throwback presented in a bar-friendly way (these snacks go great with drinks) and cocktails that pack a punch, this is exactly where you need to be to satisfy all your Pujo feels.

We are absolutely obsessed with the Beadon fish roll served with a mustard that kasundi lovers will adore and Esplanad’er Mughlai Porota (flaky bread stuffed with spicy keema). There are some delightful veggie options too such as Vardaan Market’s Chaat and Vivekananda Park’s Ghoogni.

Knock back the Pujo special drinks which will make you totally nostalgic. Down the Puchka Paani Caprioshka {all the kick of teekha/tok puchka paani with a hit of booze} or the Piara Peara {all the goodness of eating slices of guava with chilli powder with an added bang of tequila}. The flavours literally take you back to the hustle and bustle of the street vendors, the pungent aromas in the air, the memories are sure to come flooding back.

The cracker of a menu has been developed by Chef Dheeraj Varma and home chef Iti Misra – they actually explored the by-lanes and gallis of Kolkata to uncover the best street food of the city. For them, it’s all about keeping the classic flavours that we love about the dishes but giving it a modern twist. Don’t forget to take a close look at the menu card which has the actual map of Kolkata and traces the food along a trail with awesome fun facts about the dishes you’re eating.


Not in Kolkata for this Pujo and getting major FOMO? Stress no more. The menu is available from October 1-24 at all Monkey Bar’s across India so everyone gets a taste of Pujo!

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