Caves, Precipices & Rare Wildlife: Put Mizoram's Murlen National Park On Your Adventure Bucket List

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What Makes It Awesome

Of the several things that you've added to your bucket list of things to check when in Northeast India, don't forget to include the Murlen National Park. Many won't know of it and several other itineraries will not mention it, but it's an absolute must visit if you've got an adventurous spirit that loves exploring the wild and wilderness.

Tucked in the eastern corner of Mizoram, the Murlen National Park is spread across approximately 200 square kilometres in the  district of Champai. Lying north to the Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary, Murlen was declared as a national park in 1991 by the Indian government. Dotted with caves, precipices, endangered flora and fauna, it's not a surprise that this is often referred to as India's Amazon.

Close to the Chin Hills, the national park has six caves surrounding it, and several rivulets flowing through it. Dense foliage and forest covers the entire park, and in some places, they say, even sun rays are difficult to penetrate. The presence of pristine undisturbed nature also makes it a haven for several rare and endangered species of plants and animals.

The dense green aside, you'll be startled to spot a multitude of brilliant colours from the wide variety of orchids that abound here.One of the most import bird watching spots in India, you'll spot endangered ones like Hume’s pheasant, peacock pheasant, hill myna, brown wood owl, hornbills and others here. Take a jungle safari here and keep your eyes peeled to spot rare animals like the barking deer, serrow, Himalayan black bear, hollock gibbon, sanbar and wild boar among others.

The landscape dotted with several precipices and slopes is also perfect to go trekking and bird watching, but remember to take a guide along because several areas could be unsafe for visit. Lamsial Puk, Hnahlan, Zokhawthar, Tan Tlangis are some the areas which you can explore, surrounding to this park. The large cave of Thumkhuai Kham that sits 600 feet above ground is spot that can lode 40 people at a time. If you're lucky enough to find place, you can stay there to spot some mammals like monkeys and deer.


Guides are a must here, but talking loud is a no no. You can carry your cameras, but tape recorders are not allowed. Though Mizoram has its own airport, the closest one from here is Shillong.