Tuscan Strawberry & Smoked Hot Chocolates: Mama Mia! Has A New Outlet With A Milkshake ATM

    Southern Avenue, Kolkata


    Their third outlet is the answer to your late night sweet cravings {they are open till 12.30am}.

    Chomp Down

    The 15-seater outlet on Southern Avenue has their range of signature gelatos – Belgian Dark Chocolate, French Vanilla, Stardust, Sicily Lemon and more. This one also has a range of milkshakes which don’t just include flavoured milk, but offer natural fruit pulp with milk and gelato. The milkshakes come in Belgian Chocolate & Sea Salt, Blueberry Cheesecake, Tuscan Strawberry, Irish Cold Coffee, KitKat, Alphonso Mango, Nutella and Fresh Banana.

    If you are feeling hungry, go for the heavier stuff – Mini Sandwich Cookies, Smoked Hot Chocolates, Skillet Mudpies, and the Swirl Mini Muffins.

    Anything Else?

    The outlet also features a shake ATM counter where you can order takeaway milkshakes.

    Where: 22 Cockler Lane, opposite Nazrul Manch on Southern Avenue.

      Southern Avenue, Kolkata