We Are Crushing On This Brand’s Adorable Doodles That Depict Life As We Know It

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What Makes It Awesome

Super fun, relatable and upbeat doodles inspired by slice of life, emotions, culture and travels of the Noodle Girl, who echoes the sentiments of most of us including her illustrator, Roshni Bhattacharya. These adorable doodles printed on utility products such as notebooks, mugs, pins, magnets, coasters and more are guaranteed to make you go, 'Oh that’s so me!'

Browse through Roshni’s Facebook page or Instagram feed and you will find yourself giggling with glee at the situations illustrated by her that in all probability you can completely identify with. Whether it is the Noodle Girl’s grumpy moods on loud festival mornings or her utter dismay on spotting a cute guy on a flight seat beside her but it’s an early morning flight or the complete chaos in her house when they run out of coffee. Get introduced to Dobby (her rescue dog), Mithu (her cousin’s pet parrot) and Coco (her ‘generally complaining’ pet cockatiel). 

The notebooks and bookmarks with doodles that spell ‘Nope’ or ‘Cutie Patootie’ are all the rage with quirky stationery lovers. Wear your attitude as a badge with her ‘High On Chai’ or ‘Coffee Is An Emotion’ badges.

In fact you can even commission Roshni to create your very own web comic. Send her a picture and she will replicate it into a doodled version, that way you can get creative with your invites be it a wedding or a birthday party.