Escape To Henry Island For Quiet Beaches and Perfect Sunsets

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What Makes It Awesome

Henry Island is a quaint beach a 4-5 hour drive away from Kolkata. Just 5 kilometres away from the small town of Bakkhali, it is all about long stretches of golden sand, red crabs and picturesque views which make for the perfect setting for your next photoshoot. The sunrises and sunsets are absolutely stunning. Unlike Digha and Mandarmani, the beach is deserted, secluded and clean. If you carry a torch, you can even explore the beach at night. During the day, the scenic beach is ideal for photoshoots.

During low tide the sea water recedes and a host of red crabs covers the golden sand of the beach. The water goes so far back it looks like a lake. Watch out because as harmless as the sea may look during low tide, high tide can be extremely dangerous and it isn’t advisable to wander into the water then.

The local fisheries serve fresh seafood. The fish and prawns still taste like the ocean and are a must-try for seafood lovers. The remote lonely beach is populated by a handful of tourists and local fishermen so if you’re looking for a serene location to spend the day, this quiet getaway is where you can head.

Pro Tip

We recommend you drive down to Henry Island. It'll take about 4 hours with a stop at one point where you’ll have to load your car on to a ferry to cross the river. You can access Henry Island by train but it does take quite a while since you will have to catch a bus from the station. Separated from Bakkhali by a narrow creek, you can hire a vehicle if you haven’t brought your own car.