Relish Mughlai Dishes At A Reasonable Price

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What Makes It Awesome?

A big fan of their delicious food as always. Visited Hanglatherium recently that will always leave you craving for more. Post lockdown, they have started the dine-in and I personally visited the restaurant and impressed with all the safety measures and guidelines they are following starting from temperature check, sanitizations, logging the guest details, no-touch policy.

You may also place your order through by calling the restaurant directly. Some of the highly recommended dishes in case if you have not savoured them yet.

Polao Mutton Mega Combo - The taste of Bengal comes to life with the heavenly combination of a fragrant plateful of Misti Basanti Polao with a tempting combination of succulent pieces of mutton enriched in spicy gravy. In addition, the platter offers 2 pieces of Chicken Kebab and salad.

Dilli6 - Zaika straight from Aslam Bhais kitchen (Chandni Chowk, Delhi). Mouth-melting chicken kebab blended with its secret spices and utterly butterly semi gravy served with soft flaky tandoor lachha roti which comes as complimentary.

Mutton Saagwala - Lucky enough to order this through Swiggy yesterday night for dinner. Both mutton and the spinach are heavenly combinations. The thick green gravy infused with the robust flavour of the meat is very appealing to the palate. Very impressive.

Chicken Tikka Biryani - It not all about the traditional Kolkata Biryani. Another exciting treat for Biryani Lovers to savour with. The rice imparts rich flavours very close to saffron long rice and the twist lies with the boneless chicken tikka pieces marinated in yoghurt and aromatic spices that yield a bit of tanginess leaving a touch of flavours from South which is very distinct.
An interesting melange of 2 flavours in one plate - Mughlai and South Indian.

Chicken Pasanda - The mild creamy tenderised boneless chicken dish dunked with fresh spices bursting with flavour. The amalgamation of yoghurt and cashew cream makes this dish utterly delicious.

Mutton Hanglabari - One of their signature dish prepared with the secrets spices that come with a rustic texture and unique taste with the meat falling off from the bones.