Enjoy Hearty Homemade Food From The Latest Talk Of The Town - Jen's Kitchen!

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Meet the talented home-chef Kanak Jennifer Melckior to relish some authentic South East Asian and lip-smacking Indian cuisines curved by its bold-flavour and healthy flair.

Passionate about cooking, Kanak drops her hot kitchen magic in each of her decadent recipes at Jen's Kitchen, Kolkata which is worthy to make your meal not only satisfying but will leave you licking the plate clean.

Dial for a fresh and delicious perfectly-portioned meal that is
-> committed to healthy homestyle eating habits.
-> to bring hand-picked farm-fresh ingredients to the pan.
-> to save the earth through eco-friendly SAFE packaging as per ‘NEW NORMAL’.

In frame -
* Chilli Garlic Chicken Noodles - Hearty comfort noodles laced with chicken, veggies and egg yolk. Amazingly delectable street food style noodles braised in chilli garlic oil.

* Homestyle Chicken Curry - Spicy chicken curry cooked to release all the flavours from fresh spices. A palatable treat that I would love to enjoy with steamed rice on the end of a tiring day.

* Shrimp Red Curry - Thai flavoured shrimp, infused using Thai red curry paste. The amalgamation of flavours and aromas from fresh lemongrass, galangal, coconut milk, kaffir lime, and spices infused with loads of shrimp imparts a great taste when paired with steamed rice.

* Nasi goreng - Nasi goreng, meaning "fried rice" in Indonesian. A traditional Indonesian rice dish with pieces of shrimp, vegetables and shredded omelette. Comfort food loaded with sweet, spicy, and savoury flavours stir-fried with a seasoning paste made from shrimp paste, and palm sugar.

* Chicken Tehri - Old Dhaka Style Tehri that boasts a classical combination of two well-known dishes - Biryani and Pulao. Rice cooked in a simmering chicken broth enriched with flavours coming from fried onions, tomatoes, roasted spices. This one-pot meal is not only tasty but healthy too.

* Date Pancake - Asian style dessert with innovativeness at its best. The crispy hearty pancakes filled with the glorious dates, balanced sweetness that is incredibly delicious to satisfy the sweet buds.