We Got A Sneak Peak Into The Fatty Bao & Here’s Why We’re Obsessed

The Fatty Bao

Elgin, Kolkata


Fluffy baos, pack-a-punch Asian flavours, Masterchef-worthy desserts, and Pinterest décor:  The Fatty Bao is where we’re heading for dinner.

Asian Explosion

Walk in to an absolute Asian Explosion. From the Japaneses style lanterns to the chopsticks on the menu cards to the signature salt and pepper shakers, there’s so much that will remind you of your last trip around Asia. Take a look at the walls and appreciate the Asian-inspired art.

We also love how everything is bright and colourful – the chairs, the plates and even the food! You can’t help but smile at the tasteful colourfulness of the place.

Day Or Night

Dinner or lunch, the ambiance transforms beautifully through the day and completely transforms the place. The lunchtime will have bright natural light flooding in {and makes for perfect pictures!}. The evening lets you enjoy the Japanese-style lanterns that add a dim glow to the entire restaurant. Both times will let you enjoy the magnificent view from the 8th floor – it’s right in line with the Victoria Memorial and there’s an uninterrupted view running all the way to the Howrah bridge.

Start With A Bang

Izakaya is essentially a Japanese gastropub which is what The Fatty Bao Kolkata is. Which is why the small plates are absolutely smashing and go so well with the drinks. From the perfectly wrapped dim sum to the fluffy baos, these small plates and bites straight out of heaven. We love the Wild Mushroom and Truffle Oil Dim Sum – a veggie favourite, this beetroot-flavoured wrap is stuffed with over five kinds of mushroom and is a bright red colour.

The Duck Nachos are also right up there on our list of “can’t-miss” dishes. Crispy nachos loaded with shredded roast duck tofu cheese sauce and crispy duck skin – these nachos will ensure you’re never going to eat nachos out of a packet ever again. Love sushi? You’ll love their rendition on classic sushi. The prawn tempura sushi has a bite of crunchy prawn just to add some fun texture to the dish.

It’s All About The Pork

Pork lovers, this is your heaven. You can eat pork in every course and not miss chicken and seafood at all. The Char Sui flavoured dishes are absolutely to die for, the pork {imported from Sri Lanka} is super soft and melts in your mouth.

The Char Sui Bao is their signature – a fluffy open bao oozing with Char Sui flavour is all you need to get you through a bad day {we now understand why the dish lends its name to the name of the restaurant – it’s THAT good}. We also highly recommend the Shengjian Bao – a breakfast bao, seared closed and stuffed with bacon, egg and Chinese Chorizo. Porkaholics, the dish of the day is the sinfully tender Fatty Bao PB&J: a take on the peanut butter and jelly classic, these pork pieces are twice cooked and served in a house-special miso mustard jam.

Veggie Delights

Vegetarians, there’s no need to stress. There are plenty of veggie options that are absolutely sinfully delicious that have been specially curated keeping you in mind. The eggplant baos are a must try – a crispy eggplant in an open bao topped with fresh ingredients. We also love the Exotic Mushroom ramen – homey, warm and wholesome, this giant bowl is enough to keep you going. The Cold Green Tea Noodle {yes, homemade green tea noodles are totally a thing!} is also refreshing, light and delicious.

Showstopping Desserts

We couldn’t believe we were eating in a restaurant in Kolkata when The Fatty Bao desserts were brought to the table – with Masterchef-level complexity, strong yet balanced flavours, multiple elements on each dish and Instagram-worthy presentation, these are some of the best desserts the city has to offer.

For chocolate lovers, the Cocoa Caramel is a must try. All those looking to feast with their eyes, the signature Zen forest is absolutely stunning both visually and in terms of flavour.

Anything Else?

Beef, pork, seafood, veggie options in ramen, curries, sushi, dim sum, baos, and desserts – they have it all. The restaurant is just below Monkey Bar, on the 8th floor of the Fort Know building on Camac Street. Save the date: it opens to the public on December 4.

The Fatty Bao

Elgin, Kolkata