Stay In, Do This: Check Our Guide On Top Five Things You Can Do When At Home

In the wake of Corona Virus, and the rather scary spread of Covid 19, we’re here to tell you about things you can take up, while you're home. As a safer, and more sensible version of Go Here Do This, we've come up with 'Stay In, Do This' to ensure you’re still as amused about things around you, even if it means staying indoors. So, here are the top five things you can do at home in Kolkata! 

Wash, Scrub, Sanitise

We suggest, and so does the WHO, that you wash your hands clean before you get started on anything. Wash, scrub and sanitise your fingers and hands up to the wrists for at least 20 seconds. But, yes, in the process, don't forget to save water. Don't leave the tap on while you wash your hands.

Pick Up A Hobby

Staying at home means you can finally give time to those hobbies that you've ignored because of hectic schedules. Start knitting or stitching or painting or reading - whatever gets you going and keeps you occupied. You could also start living healthy and working out to stay fit. There are loads of videos and apps to help you get started on a proper workout at home. Fitness Blender is one such place on YouTube. If you like to DIY, then make use of stuff at home and come up with something creative or check out DIY videos on social media. 

Shop On LBB

Well, we definitely wouldn't want you to go out for retail therapy. But there's so much available on LBB that you can buy. Jewellery, accessories, clothes - there's lots on offer. They are all local brands and businesses that will be really thankful to you for shopping in these difficult times. Most of them are sustainable or home-run making it better for the environment as well as the economy. So support local, and Shop On LBB

Eat, Cook, Repeat

Who said you have to always step out for a good meal? Make it right here at home! If you've always wanted to try your hand at cooking, now is the time. Experiment with recipes and ingredients you've got at your place or hit up YouTube for amazing recipes. You can also order in from Zomato and Swiggy - worry not, they've issued advisories explaining the precautions they've taken during these trying times. You can ask the delivery boy to drop the parcel at your doorstep to avoid contact. 

Watch And Listen

Podcasts and video streaming portals are the best way to unwind, right? Enjoy a host of Indian and international series and shows while munching on your favourite food. If you wanna keep things light, watch Schitt’s Creek, or the so-bad-it's-good Love is Blind. You could also give The Loudest Voice a try. Into Hindi content? Check out The Body on Netflix. If you desperately need a fresh take on life, listen to Vir Das’ “Be Stupid” podcast on Audible. You could also listen to Becoming by Michelle Obama! We love that KAST lets you watch the same shows with friends, as if you’re in the same place!