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A For Awesome! Get Your Kid Their Very Own Stuffed Letter Toy From Stuffies


    What Makes It Awesome

    Every child has a favourite toy they love to cuddle with. More often than not it is a stuffed animal or a puppet. Stuffies has gone a step further in giving the little ones something personalised they would love to hold onto. Meet the Alphie.

    Alphie is basically an ultra-soft plush semi-handcrafted alphabet pillow, that’s as unique as it gets. Take the first letter of your tiny tot’s name and let Stuffies make a cuddly soft toy of it. The size is neither too big nor too small, just right enough for small hands to grasp and carry the toy with them wherever they go.

    You can also use these alphabet pillows to decorate your child’s room or as a prop for your toddler’s photoshoot. Get Stuffies to add your baby’s favourite fun little elements to the letter pillows like a star, hot air balloon or a unicorn, to personalise it further. What’s more? You can even customise the fabric they use for the pillow. Furry soft or funky prints? Take your pick.


    If you’ve been racking your brains on what to gift your friends who have just become parents, well the Alphie would make for unique gift. The parents can use it to catch a (much-needed) wink or two before the baby is grown up enough to play with it. Win-win!