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Enjoy Crazily Flavoursome North Indian & Chinese Food At Spice Market!

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Spice Market, located very close to Deshapriya Park more, serves you some of the best North Indian as well as Chinese cuisine food. So we had both Indian and Chinese food. Coming to the food:


• Chicken Tikka Kebab- The most basic form of  kebabs are the tikka kebabs, still we love it. The kebabs were soft, tender and juicy, there was smokey flavours in it.  The colours of the kebabs were enough to tell how good there were.

• Crispy Chilli Mushroom- Crispy chilli babycorn is one of my most favourite starters, even more than few non-veg ones. But crispy chilli mushroom was something that I had for the first time. The mushrooms were first dipped in a batter made of flour and corn-flour and deep fried. Then it gets tossed with some veggies in spicy sauce and gets coated in that sauce. Have them till they remain hot, because once they get cold, it won't taste same and there won't be any crisp in it.

• Red Pepper Fish Fry- It was something new that I tried here. The taste was similar to pan-fried chilly fish, but was a bit dry. The fish was juicy. It was stir-fried and then tossed with veggies in a spicy sauce and served.


• Egg tadka

• Tandoori Lachha paratha

The Lachha paratha was soft, the outside portion was thick crust like though. The egg tadka was less spicy and there were scrambled eggs all over the tadka. I expected the tadka to be more spicy. This was the first time I had egg tadka and laccha paratha, generally I always opt for roti and egg tadka.


• Burnt ginger capsicum fried rice

• Chicken manchurian

The rice had a smokey flavour in it and it went well with the chicken manchurian. The manchurian was not at all spicy, it had small round pieces of chicken. I tried the manchurian with the laccha paratha and it turned out great.


• Sahi Tukda- Sahi Tukda is one of the most famous Mughlai dessert, made with bread fried in ghee, then mixed with thickened sweetened milk and topped with shredded almonds. As the name says, it's truly a piece of Royalty.

We also had some cocktails, like Martini,  Cosmopolitan, LIIT, Whiskey Sour. Well the ambience of the place has a bit dark theme, the lights were dim and the interiors were decorated beautifully, with loads of photo frames. The chairs were big and pretty, the place was cool and hygienic. Their hospitality was great too. Their hospitality was no doubt great, and everyone were pretty helpful.