Enjoy Authentic Cuisine From 9 Asian Countries At This Vegetarian Pan-Asian Restaurant In The City

    Bhowanipur, Kolkata

    What Makes It Awesome

    We usually associate authentic Pan-Asian cuisine with non-vegetarian food. But what if we told you that the city is now home to probably its first pure vegetarian space serving authentic food from nine countries across Asia? Yes! And that's not it. Almost half the menu is vegan while all the dishes have Jain options available too! Isn't that awesome?

    Located on Harish Mukherjee Road (bang opposite Azad Hind Dhaba and walking distance from Balwant Singh Eating House), The Flaming Bowl is a cosy space done up in white, black and red serving food from nine countries across Asia. It's got a seating space of about 50-60 people with walls done up with frames depicting the specialties of all the nine nations. The ambience is simple and subtle with wooden finishes and luxurious porcelain crockery. Eating alone or on a date? Take a seat by the glass windows for a private time.

    Gorge on food from Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, China, Burma and Indonesia and exotic drinks to satiate your taste buds. Start off with the Tender Garlic Pok Choi Salad that's tossed in olive oil and served hot. Go on and order the Exotic Cream Cheese dumplings that are shaped in the form of a carrot and have the power to transport you to a dream world. The mushroom baos, phalay and Spinach Curls Maki sushi taste heavenly too. 

    For mains, go for the Claypot Rice that comes with mushrooms or Mee Goreng. Pair it up with Buddha's Delight (fresh veggies tossed in five spice flavoured tangy soy sauce) or Grilled Asparagus in Black Pepper Sauce and you're all set. Vegans can go for the Thai Dragon Noodles, Phad Stew or Moon Fan Rice besides the several other options available. 

    You can't miss out on the desserts and drinks while you're here. The Thai Tender Coconut served inside our favourite daab is one dessert to watch out for. The Chocolate Cigar Roll is nothing short of paradise for chocolate lovers! Wash down all of that great food with Watermelon Mojito or Cold Coffee. The ice cubes in both are flavoured - former erves with Mojito flavoured ice cubes and the latter with Davidoff coffee flavoured ones. 

    Tempted enough? Drop in with your gang today!

      Bhowanipur, Kolkata