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This 21-Year-Old Home Baker Makes The Most Delicious Desserts

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What Makes It Awesome

Priyamvada is a 21-year-old self-taught baker who not only bakes the most delicious cakes but also takes drool-worthy pictures as well as curates an informative recipe blog of her culinary creations. The Gateaux Co, that’s what she calls her bakery baby, is now a thriving small business. 

I am yet to meet a problem ‘a gourmet dessert made by a talented home baker’ cannot fix. Priyamvada lays out a whole lot of deliciousness for you to explore and dig in. Sample this: pull apart garlic bread, tahini banana bread, matcha and mango ice-cream, cinnamon rolls, fluffy focaccia, tangy lemon cake, tender coconut popsicles - I could go on but you get the delicious drift. What I really think is awesome about this home baker is the fact that while she is acing one artisanal dessert after another (along with the most aesthetically pleasing food photography skills), her uninhibited and unpretentious self shines through in her blogging. Which, for me, makes the dessert sweeter than it actually is! 

The Gateaux Co is based out of Berhampur, Orissa. So, if you or anyone you know stays there, I’d definitely recommend you try out their bakes. For the rest of us, you can always ping Priyamvada for a pack of home-baked cookies. An indulgent and chocolatey Triple Chocolate Cookie Box is good enough to ward off all Monday blues.

What Could Be Better

Hoping she plans on some pan-India deliveries soon!

Pro Tip

Do check out her blog for some yummy-licious dessert recipes and baking hacks.