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Check Our Guide To The Top Travel Trends That'll Shape Our 2021 Vacays

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Besides having ruined our travel plans for 2020, the pandemic has made sure we change our way of travelling too. We'll probably never be able to go back to the pre-Covid, carefree way of travel. This seems to be the 'new normal', which is why people have embraced safer ways of travel. Check our guide on the top travel trends that'll shape our 2021 vacays.

Road Trips

The whole trend of going on road trips is definitely not new but has become the more preferred one due to the pandemic. People now prefer going on road trips in their own vehicles considering it is safer and way more comfortable than taking a flight, train or bus. That way, you can avoid crowds as well as have a gala time with your family or friends while on your way to your travel destination and India offers some beautiful road trip opportunities to offbeat or popular locations. Check out The Road Trips Co for ideas - it's a pan-India community that organises road trips that also happen to be child and pet-friendly (drives, weekend getaways, etc.).

Eco-Friendly Travel

With climate change being one of the biggest concerns in the world, many are option for sustainable, eco-friendly travel tours. They've become more conscious of the environmental impact of their travel and wish to reduce their footprints when travelling. Kolkata-based Travel Love Repeat is one such travel agency that organises sustainable, eco-friendly, zero-waste and vegan tours in order to cut down on the waste and carbon footprint produced when one travels - whether it's the food you eat or the hotel you stay in. 

Working From Remote Places

Work From Mountains (WFM) has been trending a lot these days with a lot of people option to work remotely, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. It's a very welcome change and a nice break from the monotony. You are amidst nature in a peaceful, open and tranquil environment where you can work as well as explore. Dying to work from the hills but can't decide from where? A few hostels like Himalayan Bunker, Zostel, Alt Life and more should sort you out.

Solo Travel

Another trend that isn't exactly new but will, most probably, gain a lot of momentum thanks to change in travel plans due to the pandemic. Travellers are more likely to go out there, explore on their own and meet new people. Planning a solo trip already Places like Puducherry, Hampi, Sikkim and Coorg make for great and safe solo travel destinations.

Staycations And Weekend Getaways

With this becoming the 'new normal', travel will never be the same again. People are still paranoid and apprehensive about travelling too far from home. Enter - staycations and weekend getaways. One travel trend that is likely to pick up a lot. Also, there is more fear of travel plans coming to a halt or getting disrupted again in a post-Covid world, which is why the desire and urge to make a quick trip closer to home. In fact, once the restrictions were eased, most people seem to have preferred a weekend break in terms of safety as well as being able to take a break from the madness for a few days.

Local, Domestic Travel

A survey done by Airbnb on the latest travel trends revealed that domestic travel or travelling within the country will gain greater momentum considering travellers are a lot more concerned about safety in Covid times. They wish to travel closer home in familiar territory rather than abroad. People also seem to prefer going offbeat, being amidst nature and enjoying a peaceful vacay - check out Tree House Cottages in Manali, Cloudline Treehouse in Nagaland or Treehouse Hideaway in Bandhavgarh.

Farm To Table

Covid-19 is making everyone take care of their health and that seems to reflect in travel plans as well now. People seem to be looking for healthier food options, which is why travellers seem to prefer staying at eco-friendly and sustainable farms where they can see the farm to table process and enjoy healthier meals. Check out Maachli in Maharashtra's Sindhudurg District where they cook meals using ingredients from their own farm. The Belgadia Palace in Odisha's Mayurbhanj district also does the same.

Luxury Getaways

Travel has become a luxury now. Never taking travel for granted again, for sure! Why not book a luxury getaway when you get the chance? Seems like luxury getaways, wellness retreats are the travel trends of the upcoming year with travellers planning a luxury getaway to a villa or a resort or five-star hotels to relax and unwind. If you're looking for a getaway too, check out The Belgadia Palace in Odisha - stay like royalty, enjoy lavish meals prepared using ingredients from their own farm, enjoy a spa session and more.