Solo Trips: Groups For Safe And Offbeat Adventures

    Ladies, if travelling more was on your wishlist this year, it’s time to make it happen. Don’t wait on your girlfriends, partners or family. We’ve rounded up the groups and communities that will organise solo trips for you, in India and around the world.

    Wandering Jane

    This travel agency organises women-only trips not just in India but across the world. Their aim is to organise trips that are based on fun activities like yoga, surfing, trekking, or even rafting. The idea is to curate experiences for women that will motivate them to go solo and enjoy their travel days. You will be joined by other like-minded people on the trip.

    All you need to do is go on their website and select one of the destinations and get on ticking off your places to see.

    Experiences: Winter Ladakh, Splendid Sikkim, Jaipur Self Drive

    Jugni Travels

    Jugni travels was started off by young entrepreneurs Nitesh Chauhan and Rohit Khattar from the Himalayan Explorers Club. The idea of the group is to organise trips to far-flung places like the Himalayas or Rajasthan or to the North East even. They organise trips within India and to other countries as well. Some of their upcoming trips are to Leh-Ladakh, Georgia-Armenia-Baku and even a Spiti roadtrip. 

    Experiences: Mesmerizing Andaman, Baku The Hidden European Gem, Europe - Georgia And Armenia


    F5Escapes, in their own words, are redefining travel for women in India. Started off by Malini Gowrishankar {founder and CEO}, the team consists of Akanksha Bumb {co-founder and COO} and Sindhu Rao {sales and marketing manager}.

    This travel group will organise and curate exclusive, all-women group experiences which you can join in. They organise trips to Ladakh, Chikmanglur, Kashmir and more. However, if you’re looking to customise your own trip, they will do that for you as well.

    Experiences: Hampi The Bygone Era, Away From The Mainland Andaman Islands, Nagaland Hornbill Festival

    Women On Their Own Trip

    If you yearn for the road less travelled, this cool agency makes it very clear that it isn't your uncle's budget travel agency, but one that likes to go against trends to create offbeat travel experiences for you and a small group of like-minded travelers.

    They do destinations within the country and outside as well.

    Experiences: Braving Spiti, Explore the Unknown: Arunachal Pradesh, The Great Greek Escape, Inspirations of Chettinad: A Luxurious Getaway

    The WOW Club: Women On Wanderlust

    This Bangalore-based travel club organises and plans women-only trips across India and the world. Now now, let us explain what exactly they do. This women-only travelers group aims at making it easier for solo travellers to make their holiday happen.

    They will plan everything, from travel arrangement to your itinerary and you won’t have to shell out a bomb, as you can share a room with other women. They don’t only do tours within India, but also to other countries. They have various packages in Wellness, Heritage, Adventure and other categories, so you can pick the type of vacay you're planning based on your preferences. 

    #LBBTip: They also organise short local tours – just get in touch with them and stay updated. 

    Experiences: High on Bali, Head Over Heels For Italy, Blissful Bhutan, Egypt & Mighty Nile

    Girls on The Go

    Whether you want to watch the Northern Lights, enjoy yoga on the beach in Bali or go camping in Jordan, Girls on the Go will make it happen. Best part? Their travel packages are not too heavy on the pocket! The trips are safe, fun and filled with great stories and experiences. With an aim to empower women through travel, GOTG designs itineraries that allow me-time as well as enough space to make new friends. Their itineraries are usually designed for people of all age groups and fitness levels. From Spti to Bali to Antarctica, GOTG takes women travelling to the most exotic corners of the world! 

    Experiences: Cruising The Arctic, Writers Retreat In The Himalayas, Bhutan The Last Shangi-La

    Byond Travel

    They have a section dedicated to women travellers only, because they believe travel can truly empower a woman. They facilitate safe and comfortable travels to all around the world, and are ideal for those who wish to explore new journeys, build new friendships and unwind in style. Trips here can be customised as per your liking, or you can join an existing group. Check out the upcoming trips on their website.

    Experiences: Japan Cherry Blossom Trail, Easymade Turkey, Aegan Island Explorer