Try Mamamomo For some Delish Meat Skewers, Thukpa, Momo & Nepalese Sekuwa

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What Makes It Awesome

Mamamomo is an amazing restaurant that has introduced traditional Tibetan and Nepalese food for Calcutta foodies
The restaurant's menu comprises of chicken and pork dishes and various kind of momos {including steamed, pan-fried and chilli}. The momos are perfectly portioned with wafer-thin covering and are generously stuffed with a succulent filling. Their house special recipe is Chilli Momo. It is surely an alluring option and has a combination of flavours of Kolkata.

My favourite is the Chilli Chicken Fried Momo. Their thukpa is delicious too. They also offer a combination of rice or noodles with chilli pork or chilli chicken. However, their USP is definitely the Nepali style barbecued meat, Sekuwa.

Even before you enter, a row of delicious looking meat skewers will entice you behind the glass wall. The meat is marinated in a traditional spice then grilled slowly over the charcoal throughout the day.

How Much Did It Cost?

Under INR 500

Best To Go With?

Big Group, Bae, Kids, and Family